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Aug 20 12
Windia Phantom 4
im doing the nlc under attack quest and im at the point where it asks me to destroy the galacto-drill. But where is it? is it at the alien base because if it is, it was already destroyed previously..
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Aug 20 12
Yellonde Paladin
lol u have to gin base now
u finshed the quests
Aug 20 12
Scania Wild Hunter 4
Galacto-Drill is a boss in the Alien Corridor areas.

To get to it, you have to go through all the Alien Corridor maps to the map where there is a timer, and large amounts of aliens spawn.
Defeat the aliens and look for a green chip, then talk to the NPC above you to proceed to the map right before Galacto-Drill.
The portal to the left of that is where Galacto-Drill spawns.

Now if you've already done all these and you're wondering why the heck you're getting the quest over and over again it's because it's a repeatable quest.
MapleStory Screen: That spot

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