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Cannoneer Shark Wave?

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Hello, I was wondering if Cannoneers can get Sharkwave (the Ua skill). Since dualblades can get them I'd think that Cannoneers should also be able to get it.

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GetDefensive Level 202 Khaini Demon Slayer 4
I don't remember getting the quest when my cannoneer got 70 so I don't think so.
Aug 21 2012
IcicleArrows Level 95 Kradia Kanna 2
I don't think so..

Why would you want it anyways?
Aug 21 2012
FunMotion Level 128 Scania Buccaneer
@melonmel Empress' might... Am I the only one who got the quest lol
Aug 21 2012
Shark Wave is pointless, I'm a UA and I never use it.
Aug 22 2012
Takeback3r Level 205 Khaini Cannoneer 4
Shark Wave is pointless, I'm a UA and I never use it.[/quote]

If you're a cannoneer then that just makes you a hacker and your advice is useless.

If you're a buccaneer then you're just a moron.
Aug 22 2012
you can but damn the lunar dew quest is crazy impossible
Aug 22 2012
I have never seen a Cannoneer with Shark Wave. Regardless, who would want it? We get better skills anyway.
Aug 22 2012
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