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P/c Permanent Nx equips

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So I spent 20k nx on the premium surprise style box and I got this
2 Red Viva Baseball Tops
1 Black Wing Masters Hat
1 Light Cotton Candy Overalls
1 Raspberry Candy T shirt
1 Lucia Cape
1 Orchid's Bunny Doll
1 Marine Tinia Shades
1 Mad Hatter's Hat
Posted: August 2012 Permalink


telllos Level 92 Broa Aran 3
i wish i had nx T.T
Aug 26 2012
97manjunkim Level 154 Bera Night Lord
ttoo many for 20k. i got over 3bil worth of stuff on my first 4 boxes lol
Aug 26 2012
1 or 2
Aug 26 2012
Mind if I trade my Pink Zodiac Dragon Hat for the Raspberry Candy T-shirt? c:
Aug 26 2012

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