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Aug 26 12
Hey guys, so i have a couple questions about the upcoming mihile class. Apparently He's a Cygnus Knight with a max level of 200, and You can make a UA off of him, etc. So (1) Can you make a UA off of Mihile when he reaches level 120? (2) Does Mihile give out the Empress's Blessing skill to all other charactres in the same world? If so, Can the skill reach a maximum of level 40? Thanks in advance guys!
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Aug 26 12
Scania Magician
How would we know?

And if some of us do, why don't you look it up yourself?
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Aug 26 12
1. no hes not explorer
2.yes but i think the max level of the skill is 30
Aug 26 12
Zenith Phantom 4
1. Yes just complete the regular quests for the UA
2. Yes he does
3. No it stays at 24, but can be increased to 30 with the help of the noble mind skill
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Aug 26 12*
Broa Shadower
Answer: Buy a time machine/crystal ball
yoachben: When did he say they are explorers?
Aug 26 12
Scania White Knight
he can not be made a UA but at 120 he can make a UA and he gives the buff max level of buff is 30
Aug 26 12
all haters: I read like 100 threads on him and none went into detail about my questions. no, i am not lazy.
all helpers: Okay, so its safe to delete my CK and a level 120 Mihile would yield the same bonus to all my other chars?
Aug 26 12
DemethosGMS Shadower
1. yes
2. yes.
3. no, still 30.
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Aug 26 12
Galicia Wind Archer 3
2.yes and no
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Aug 26 12
Bera F/P Arch Mage
Yes, you can use Mihile to create a UA at level 120 (Level 100 Post-Tempest). However, once Mihile hits level 120, his Empress' Blessing stops increasing, so it caps at level 24 like a normal Cygnus Knight's.

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