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Any tips to get phantom blow and final cut

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Ok my problem is that im extremely unlucky i killed zakum 17 times and Hilla 15 times even on 2x drop and i still didn't see my skill books my db is now lvl 148 i have the feeling that i will reach 200 before getting them.
p.s. i dont have 400m to buy them
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Just go to czak i got mines in 2 runs.
Aug 27 2012
DevilJin221 Level 175 Scania Blade Master
got both for 350m so buy em for 350m since u don't have 400m
Aug 27 2012
mageshield Level 205 Windia Night Lord
Ugh, i'm having a similar problem as you...
Aug 27 2012
SMCstar Level 200 Windia Blade Master
I heard czak's skill book drop rate is still normal
btw, I killed 3 hilla and 2nd dropped phantom blow(merc took it...) and 3rd dropped final cut
still searching for pb though
Aug 27 2012
iheart2much Level 192 Bera Shadower
GL BRUH i got one pb but i sold it already =O and final cut i have only seen it once in like 30 runs(not while on my db)*after instanced* took me 7 non instanced runs for my dbs pb
Aug 27 2012
I'll try Czak but im not sure if i can survive
Aug 27 2012
truongnguyen733 Level 120 Windia Blade Recruit
Is there anyone that willing to give me Phantom Blow and Final Cut? I can Soak them...

** Windia ** P.M me if you have them!
Aug 27 2012
tsubasa128 Level 177 Scania Wild Hunter 4
i can't even survive czak. My db will just get seduced and czak will just start hitting my db until it dies.
Aug 27 2012
I bought mine.
Aug 27 2012
I survived czak with a phantom, godly bish, i/l, and ds (phantom wasnt godly but very helpful ) at level 139

Final cut and Phantom blow dropped
Aug 27 2012

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