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How to I equip multiple pets at the same time?

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Aug 29 12
Scania Night Lord
I have 2 permanent pets that I wanna equip at the same time.
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Aug 29 12
Scania Kanna 4
Mercuria Guild
Buy more NX.

Do a quest in Pet Park.

Go to the Cash Shop and purchase the Pet Treat thing.

Give it to the man.

You get a skill that allows you to equips up to 3 pets.
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Aug 29 12
Windia Night Lord
u gotta talk to the pet guy in ludi
Aug 29 12
ElNido Paladin
You have to get the follow the leader beginner skill. I think you start it at pet park in henesys BUT I don't remember for sure since I did it a while ago. I think it involves buying a nx pet snack or something.
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Aug 29 12
Bera Night Lord
Wel, you start it in hene at the pet guy, continue with his following quests and then you gotta go to cs and buy some fruit snack that allots you have to multiple pets out (idk whats it called but it should b under pet, then item) then u give the guy the treat and boom you have the follow the leader beginner skill and u have up to three pets out at once and one will be the leader.
Sources: I've done and have the skill

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