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to the class of 2014/juniors

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Aug 29 12
Broa F/P Arch Mage
what are your guys' schedules for the new school year? school starts next thursday for me and i just got my schedule
spanish 2
ap biogloy
exploratory art
ap english language and composition
ap us history

are you guys ready for the supposedly hardest year of high school? : D
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Aug 30 12
Windia Blade Recruit
1. Honors Adv Algebra
2. PE Team 1
3. Spanish 3
5/6a. AP Chem
7. Ap English 11
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Aug 30 12
Nova Jett 4
Why hello, fellow Juniors
1. US History
2. Chemistry AP
3. Orchestra
4. Spanish III
5. Computer Programming AP
6. British Literature B. [Shelley, etc.]
7. Probability & Stat AP
8. Calculus BC AP
Aug 30 12
Windia Dark Knight
No AP classes for me. |:
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Aug 30 12*
Mardia Bow Master
West coast is the best coast, Washington state anyone?

1 Honors Chem
2 AP Lang & Comp
3 ?
4 US History
5 Physics
6 AP Calc

they messed up my schedule, but I think I have pottery for 3rd period.
Aug 30 12
Scania F/P Arch Mage
In no particular order:
Spanish 4 AP
AP Physics
Band (lol)
AP Lang/Lit 3
World History 3
Aug 30 12*
Zenith Night Walker 4
Hon. English 11

That's about it for this tri.

I have two classes every tri because I have other classes at a college. Pre-calc and history. The other classes I have this year are college bio and another history class because of the lack of credits I will receive for my history class at the college.
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Aug 30 12
Broa Page
Honors English
Honors Pre-calc
Honors Spanish 4
AP World
AP Chem
Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology
Aug 30 12
KradiaGMS Jett 4
AP English, AP Calculus AB, AP American.

For college I have Psychology, Humanities, and Jazz History.
Aug 30 12
Broa Beginner
pre calc
physiology h
adv drawing & painting
us history h
graphic arts
english 3 h
Aug 30 12*
Broa Aran 4
1. AP world history - lol dis is hard.
2. PE
3. spanish 2
4. chemistry
5. Algebra 2/trig
6. regular english 2 dam i wish i never dropped honors. my class is sooo stupid lololol

oops i forgot to read this thread was for juniors. I'm a sophomore x,x
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