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Alright, I just got my Jett to level 70 to pass on his link skill. I want to know if the core itself (I know that cosmic dust and it's 4 relatives change/upgrade/lock stats already) gets stronger as you level up (not leveling up the item exp, but the link skill.) A follow-up question I also need to ask is if this growth stops at level 120. Lastly, what is this "turning gold" I keep hearing about and what does it do to/for my core?

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AlphaBetaGamma Level 200 Bellocan Phantom 4
The core stat has a color indicator explaining the possibilities of stat you can get maximum. Cash shop raises the rank and resets for better while regular resets randomly. Yes it gets better at 120 for full potential
@mrbasil, hi
Sep 04 2012
eerie Level 200 Bellocan Shadower
jett's have a link skill?
Sep 04 2012
Aeronomx Level 174 Scania Corsair
the core gets stronger ever 10 levels starting from level 30.
at level 70 you can link the skill but its not at its full potential, so at level 120 the core is at its max w/o the use of stardust
and when someone says they have a gold aura core it means that the max stats on the core can be as much as 35w.attack/35m.attack and 35/35/35/35 luk/int/str/dex
Sep 04 2012
eerie Level 200 Bellocan Shadower
Core Aura, it gives random stats and changes everyday.[/quote]

I don't remember seeing that on my jett O-O.
Sep 04 2012
At lvl 70, I tend to get lower stats on the core such as around 0~4 most of the time on my stats. When you're higher level, you can go further more and have better stats.
@MrBasil I believe Jett and the linked characted get the stats because I see Phantom getting their 10% crit. The stardust are like a gamble, it can either increase stats or decrease stats.
Sep 04 2012
from wat i know jett utilze them as well .... at lvl 70 other characters (using link skill) can get a feel of the core (no pun intend) .... it is not fully link until ur jett lvl to 120 .... that when the core is fully use .... the problem with this link skill is that it reset everyday (all random ... sometime good or sometime bad) .... stardust r drop from mob and rasie stats on the core .... (note: again random) .... u can buy something (sry dont remember the name) from cs that can keep the stats of the core for 60 days i believe .... the basic min stats on the core is +1 all i think

hey mr.basil .... wat up?
Sep 04 2012
christien Level 171 Broa Mercedes 4
The Core Aura is a link skill that gives random stats and weapon attack.
At Lv70, the Aura will give around 1~5 stats and weapon attack, and can be randomized using the Core cubes or Star Dust.
At Lv120, the Aura gets stronger and can get up to 12. But this time, cubes and dust have a chance to increase its rank (change it's color). This is how people have like 20+ in each stat from it. Personally, I have like 30 Luk and 33 weapon attack from mine by using two cash shop cubes, and then a solidifier to keep it like that for 30 days.
Sep 04 2012
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