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Sep 05 12
Scania Demon Avenger 4
Anyone got a link to a build for mihile?

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Sep 05 12
Galicia Chief Bandit
h0ly: strong warriors are overrated
using the word overrated is overrated
Sep 05 12
Windia Aran 4
Strong Warriors are useless if they're neither smart nor lucky. So Int and Luk.
Sep 05 12
Mardia Dark Knight
Would you rather have a strong warrior, accurate warrior, smart warrior or lucky warrior?
Sep 05 12
Zenith Aran 4
Soopahiro: using the word overrated is overrated

Yo dawg...
MapleStory Screen: Do you like my new look?
Sep 05 12
Mardia Kanna 4
DrY3sMan: Yeah, it' called Google. I'm sure you've heard of it.

this is the first link that shows up if you google Mihile SP build
MapleStory Screen: Legacy of 9 Background MapleStory Video: GMS Level 207 Kanna Papulatus Solo
Sep 05 12
Bera Demon Slayer 3
PoetryIsMeh: As a full int paladin, i approve.

It is actually a hero :O
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