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Mihile Training Guide

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starfoxhgss Level 205 Broa Blade Master
[url=]I made a training guide for Mihile, hope it helps you guys.[/url]
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AranKOC Level 135 Scania Phantom 4
Nice guide
Sep 07 2012
bryanjohnny Level 150 Windia Kaiser 4
My Mihile is level 150 and about to level to 151.
This is where I trained. It's not the best, but I'm lazy to move around so just follow this guide and every 5 levels move on to another map higher if you have the time.
I have alot of time & patience. Just put music that doesn't repeat & grind away.
1-10 - any low level monster. Shouldn't be a problem.
11-15ish - mushrooms @ henesys maps. Shouldn't take long.
15-20/24 - Golems
25-30 - Mixed golems. You might get impatient at these levels, but once again - I'm lazy so I don't go to other maps. I just grind to 30.
~2nd job Advance
30-40 - Mushroom Kingdom quests & Helmet Pepes
40-55 - Scarecrows
55-60 - Meerkats at Ariants - Takes awhile, but the map is always empty.
60-70 - Scorpions - 65-70 might seem like hell, but thinking about getting 3rd job motivates me to just grind. Once again, due to pure laziness.
~3rd Job Advancement
70-90 - Romeo & Juliet PQ Grind/Scorpians again - Grind with music, it takes awhile. OR mp3
90-110 Aliens. I usually train at map 5 to just avoid Ksers and hackers.
110-120 - LHC Party
~4th Job Advance
120-150 (Where I'm at) - LHC

The maps are not all that great but I'm the type of trainer who likes to be in an empty map. I grind nonstop. You need patience. I know there's better maps there, but I've always done it this day.
Hope I helped somehow
Sep 07 2012
Haunted House is so good o_o[/quote]

Not everyone wakes up early or stays up late to just train at Haunted House you know
Or not everyone kses/hacks for a map
Sep 07 2012
starfoxhgss Level 205 Broa Blade Master
Real Mihile training guide:

10-30 Jellyfish
30-70 Finding Dyle Party because ks'r takes your channel. Link skill completed go back on main.[/quote]

That was annoying xD
Sep 07 2012
Smokey973 Level 137 Bera Night Walker 4
A good alternative if you don't mind the pot burn is Azwan at 40+, I got to 48 in about 3 or 4 runs which is less than an hour...It's a meso sink but If you don't want to deal with people, It's decent.
Sep 07 2012
Apachai Level 142 Scania Demon Slayer 4
How'd you get into aliens if there's a quest glitch where you can't attack in the robot?
Sep 07 2012
starfoxhgss Level 205 Broa Blade Master
Blow me @starfoxhgss. You suck. You aren't godly. You aren't good. That isn't the "best" guide. You sound like a f__aggot. You aren't "my boy." You sound like a f__ucking c_unt.[/quote]

You mad bro?
Sep 07 2012
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