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Question skill noble mind

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happens with the skill of a noble mind mihile master level k is 6 but mine is at 0 and I'm lvl 30 with my mihile, not this up nothing.
Do you get 6 points at the beginning serves to raise the skill a noble mind?
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HolyMaige Level 207 Scania Bishop
no, you need to do a series of quests until you get to battle arkium. you have to kill arkium a total of 7 times to get noble mind to level 6.

i think the first kill doesnt raise anything. not sure.

so just do all your main quests and you should be good. finding a party is the hardest part though, unless you can solo. since mihile can get to level 200, you're not like a cygnus character that can only battle ark at level 120 max.
Sep 07 2012
ty friend
I've noticed with my phantom and has 7 empress blessing (ATK +7, +7 M.Atk)
but not increased its att. Why?
Sep 08 2012
HolyMaige Level 207 Scania Bishop
empress blessing goes off of your other character's levels, not the one you log on. since its level 7, your highest character on that account that isn't logged on is level 7x. so for your other characters, the blessing will be level 16 since your phantom is lvl 167. hope that made sense.
Sep 09 2012
I'm not talking about Blessing of the Fairy (1 skill point will be granted each time sponsor's level increases by 10. )
I'm talking about Empress's Blessing (1 skill level for every 5 levels your highest level Cygnus character has.)
Sep 09 2012
virgindrinks Level 124 Windia Mercedes 4
only the higher of the two blessing skills will take effect. and you wont notice the additional attack since its immediately added to your range. it might look like you dont have that +Atk, but you actually do.
Sep 09 2012
So what you're telling me is that I can not have +50 att (Blessing of the Fairy + Empress's Blessing)
Sep 11 2012
That's exactly what they're saying
Sep 11 2012
SteakyFishChops Level 214 Scania Bishop
yep thats pretty much it
and only the higher lvl blessing gives u the buff
Sep 11 2012

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