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Warrior, mage, bowman, pvp revamp same time

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krunk1011 Level 190 Nova Demon Slayer 4
Get off his deck let him have his late fun (:
Sep 11 2012
Darklerty Level 187 Scania Marksman
I sure hope this new PvP will be better than the old one.
Sep 11 2012
iCrossStar Level 183 Elnido Zero Transcendent
so pirates and theives wait foreverm finally get there revamp, and then everyone else gets another >.>
Sep 11 2012
Hopefully PvP is more balanced this time
Sep 11 2012
WorkOfArt Level 165 Windia F/P Arch Mage
If you show up an hour late to a date, you're gonna get dumped. If you turn in your homework an hour late, you fail.[/quote]

That's only because you receive the date at a predetermined time. You know the date was at a specific time, you knew when your homework was late. You did not know when Nexon would post something.
Sep 11 2012
AznBubblePop Level 207 Scania Blade Master
Many many glitches bugs delays and so on.
Sep 11 2012
Tell me more about how 1 hour is considered late.[/quote]

This is the internet. News 10 minutes ago is considered old.
Sep 11 2012
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