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Trouble logging in

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Broccoleh Level 204 Scania Mercedes 4
Hello everybody.

As of this morning, I have been in sort of a dilemma. Whenever I attempt to log into Maple from the server selection screen, it won't work. I would select a server, only for the window to go into "Not responding" mode for a shorty eternity, and then give me a "Trouble logging? Log in from

Does anybody know how to solve this problem, or is it just the servers? I am running this on Steam, if it helps.

Thank you in advance!
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eerie Level 200 Bellocan Shadower
Normally when I can't log in I reboot. If that doesn't work I'll come back later.
Sep 14 2012
Mmmm, you're account is probably lagging or something. Just wait like 10mins it should go back to normal. Or try logging in from website.
Sep 14 2012
amoypinoy Level 195 Scania Blade Master
i can't even log in the website... id have to use the game launcher to start MS
Sep 14 2012
Yeah, I got the same problem. But, I kept changing my channel of choice until I got in. Still a problem though when I log on and off. Can't even access my Cash Shop.
Sep 14 2012
I have the same problem. Gah. Gamelauncher doesn't let me log into my account in the first place, and if I launch from the site, it gives me the "can't log in?" message.
Sep 14 2012
Hope nexon fixes that soon, or ill mad when come back home gg
Sep 14 2012
same thing here i thought it was from my account and tried two others, same thing still cannot log in but i dont think its from the patch because i logged in yesterday after the patch, it started today only
Sep 14 2012
pinkwad Level 189 Khaini Bishop
Yup, doesn't work for me either... Tried another account and it didn't work as well.
Sep 14 2012
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