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Hello Maplers!
can you name all of the classes I can currently get link skills for?
Posted: September 2012 Permalink
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Cannoneer, Mercedes, Demon Slayer, Jett, Phantom, Mihile

EDIT: Beat me to it ^
Sep 15 2012
EarthsCore Level 183 Windia Dark Knight
Cannon Shooter
Demon Slayer

That's about it.
Sep 15 2012
Elven's Blessing - Mercedes 10% EXP Bonus
Phantom Instinct - Phantoms 10% Critical
Fury Unleash - Demon Slayers 10% Boss
Pirate's Blessing - Cannoneer 15+ All stats
Jett's Core Aura - Jett's Random Core Stats
Knights Watch - Mihile 100% no knock back for 90 sec cool down (180)
Sep 15 2012

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