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Sep 15 12
Scania Hero
So is Nexon going to get rid of the 2ndary stats for equipments including empress? If so if a Bucc has Empress Armour there be no Dex ?
Sep 15 12
Bera Corsair
Is it secondary? -> Yes
Is secondary going to be removed? -> Yes

What do you think?
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Sep 15 12
Scania Hero
No i mean since Corsairs have dex and their 2ndary stats is dex I'm assuiming Nexon is going to take out Str , but what about Buccs , Because mosts Pirates use Dex.
Sep 15 12
Khaini Blade Lord
Just wait or ask a KMSer. None of us who don't play KMS know.
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Sep 15 12
Broa Blade Recruit
secondary stats will be removed but not for empress

Not taht it matters really you cen get secondary stats really easily...
Sep 15 12
Bera Kaiser 4
They are removing all secondary stats on equipment except empress, u still need the secondary for empress
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Sep 15 12
Zenith Demon Avenger 4
Xonchibi: Is it secondary? -> Yes
Is secondary going to be removed? -> Yes

What do you think?

He doesn't know, that's why he is asking since Str/Dex are both primary/secondary stats... Besides the weapons the Shark Tooth set requires the same Str/Dex. Try to be clever somewhere else...
Sep 15 12
ElNido Wind Archer 4
Secondary stat is removed on everything. The Pirate equips have no requirements at all.
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