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Sep 15 12
Broa I/L Arch Mage
No Just No more pot service another line.

But on the bright side we get a revamp.
Maple Story: The luck of finding % int, or a godly staff/shield...
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Sep 15 12
Windia Kaiser 3
A bit old..
Sep 15 12
Broa I/L Arch Mage
changda: A bit old..

yea lol just came back.
Maple Story: The luck of finding % int, or a godly staff/shield...
Sep 15 12
Bera Shadower
So a third explorer revamp minus thieves and pirates, and a legends buff right after their nerf.
Then a 4th potential line to make things even more OP and make people waste even more money.
Above=What was nexon thinking....
Below=Wow, something actually good.
Fusion Anvils and Pet Dye Coupons? Badass.
And we finally have PvP back. Hopefully it isn't worse than the original which wasn't that great to begin with.
Sep 15 12
Nova Bishop
im SOOOO glad for the fusion anvils !
Sep 15 12
Bera Bishop
the additional potential update was released on the same update as kaiser in kms, meaning nexon is seriously money hungry and translated that part of the game early.
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Sep 15 12
Bera Paladin
Time to make al my weapons looked like level 10 weapons
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Sep 15 12
Bellocan I/L Arch Mage
lol yay fusion thingy~ too bad i have full sets of nx for all my char..
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Sep 15 12
KradiaGMS Mihile 4
I thought Nebulites were our 4th potential line what the hell
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Sep 15 12
Scania Priest
Do you even know what patch notes are?
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