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Primal Essence and Confusion Fragments
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Sep 17 12
ElNido Blade Master
I need them but have no clue how to get them. Can somone please help >.>
Sep 17 12
Bera Phantom 4
Primal essence are from the heart stone and golden flowers. Mining & shoveling. Only drops when it's successful.
Fragments are from future henesys mobs, Very very low drop rate.

Both very hard to obtain .
Sep 17 12
Galicia Shadower
Primal Essence is from mining heartstone or herbing the equal herb. (1.5b ea)

Confusion Fragments are a rare drop. (40-90m ea)

You're better off buying them.
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Sep 17 12
Windia Paladin
Try finding in FM. Trying to get them yourself will take forever. Hackers find them faster than non-hackers given that they just bot and auto mine veins.
Sep 17 12
Khaini Marksman
Primal Essences have a small chance of dropping from Heartstones and Golden Flowers. On Khaini they are being sold for 1.5b each. The droprate is somewhat unclear but for reference, a guy in my guild mined/herbed 2000 Heartstones/Golden Flowers in total, and got 4 Primal Essences. And the hard part is FINDING a Heartstone/Golden Flower.
Sep 17 12
ElNido Blade Master
thank you everyone =] Btw Manoqueen, i just want you to kno i love your nx

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