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Primal Essence and Confusion Fragments

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iCrossStar Level 183 Elnido Zero Transcendent
I need them but have no clue how to get them. Can somone please help >.>
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MisplacedKitty Level 206 Bera Phantom 4
Primal essence are from the heart stone and golden flowers. Mining & shoveling. Only drops when it's successful.
Fragments are from future henesys mobs, Very very low drop rate.

Both very hard to obtain .
Sep 17 2012
Primal Essence is from mining heartstone or herbing the equal herb. (1.5b ea)

Confusion Fragments are a rare drop. (40-90m ea)

You're better off buying them.
Sep 17 2012
lDaze Level 135 Windia Marksman
Try finding in FM. Trying to get them yourself will take forever. Hackers find them faster than non-hackers given that they just bot and auto mine veins.
Sep 17 2012
Primal Essences have a small chance of dropping from Heartstones and Golden Flowers. On Khaini they are being sold for 1.5b each. The droprate is somewhat unclear but for reference, a guy in my guild mined/herbed 2000 Heartstones/Golden Flowers in total, and got 4 Primal Essences. And the hard part is FINDING a Heartstone/Golden Flower.
Sep 17 2012
iCrossStar Level 183 Elnido Zero Transcendent
thank you everyone =] Btw Manoqueen, i just want you to kno i love your nx
Sep 17 2012

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