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Gachapon Revamp Question?

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sasori5 Level 200 Bera Blade Master
Dose this mean that you can get the same items in all gachapons?

Gachapon Revamp

The Gachapon systems have undergone extensive renovations! All of the rewards from the Chair, Mount, Nebulite and regular Gachapon have been merged into one single machine: The Great Gachapierrot.
When you play the new Gachapierrot, you have a chance to receive a reward from any of the four previously separate lists.
Most equips under level 70 and all D-Grade Nebulites have been removed from the Gachapon, as well as various other unpopular items.
Different towns no longer give separate rewards. ALL Gachapierrot machines pull from the same rewards pool.
Nebulite and Mount Gachapon Tickets can be traded in to the Gachapierrot for Gachapon Tickets, and have been permanently removed from the Cash Shop.
Chair Gachapon Tickets can still be double-clicked to receive chairs from the old Chair Gachapon, but has been permanently removed from the Cash Shop.
Remote Gachapon Tickets can still be used anywhere to access the Gachapierrot.
When you talk to The Great Gachapierrot to use a Gachapon Ticket, or use a Remote Gachapon Ticket from anywhere, the new Gachapon window will appear.
A list of special items is displayed in the center of the window, as well as the current ticket you are using.
You can click Start, or hit Enter, to use a ticket.
A list of the last 10 items you won from the Gachapon will be displayed in the right-hand side of the window.
The Maple Administrator offers a new one-time quest, called Gachapon Reborn, to explain about the changes to the Gachapons.
The Maple Administrator offers a new repeatable quest, called Getcha Powergacha, which rewards a Powergacha Ticket for every 20 uses of a Gachapon Ticket.
The Powergacha Ticket has a much higher chance of getting a better item from the Gachapierrot.
The Great Gachapierrot can now be found in:
Henesys, Henesys Market, Henesys Park
Kerning City
Lith Harbor
Nautilus, Cafeteria, Mid Floor - Hallway
El Nath
Mu Lung
Herb Town
CBD (Singapore)
Trend Zone Metropolis (Malaysia)
NLC Town Center
Mushroom Shrine
Showa Town, Spa (M), Spa (F)
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Miauri Level 210 Khaini Buccaneer
[i]Different towns no longer give separate rewards. ALL Gachapierrot machines pull from the same rewards pool.[/i]
Read up next time.
Sep 22 2012
copox123 Level 217 Broa Bishop
i wonder if the prices of these new gaches be higher
Sep 24 2012

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