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how to increase Core Aura Stats for jetts?

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Sep 23 12
Scania Hermit
On the other thread, someone said his Core Aura has 20+attk, but he didn't share his secret .. The highest attack I've gotten was 3! I was wondering how to increase the Cora Aura stats.
Does those pot plants have anything to do with it?

For those who said get to lvl 120, I'm Lvl 150 jett already
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Sep 23 12*
use the 300 nx cubes in the cs
mines 34atk
don't forget to lock it too
Sep 23 12
Scania Demon Avenger 4
The stats reset randomly every 24 hours. Naturally, the higher level your core, the better the stats.
Or you can get the NX cubes in the Cash Shop as mentioned above, which facilitate getting higher stats.
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Sep 23 12
Broa I/L Arch Mage
Get to 120.
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Sep 23 12*
Broa Mercedes 4
1. Get to Lv120
2. Buy a bunch of Supernova Dusts (300nx ea)
3. Lock it for 30day(s) with Solidifiers (1.5k nx ea)
Sep 23 12
oh yeah and try not to use the monster drop one unless you really can't afford to get nx.
i used like 100 and got crap.
Sep 23 12
I have a lv115 Jett and the best amount of attack I've gotten was 17.
Sep 23 12
Scania Hermit
Im Lvl 150 and the best attk is 3! wth?
Sep 23 12
Galicia Xenon 4
Use the cash shop Supernova dust, it increase the stats alot.
I got 28 att from it
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Sep 29 12
how do u get stats higher than 20?
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