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Dual Blade vs Nightlord

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Both being funded with 3-4bil, Which one would do better damage, better at bossing, making money with that kind of funding. I was thinking about spending it on my DB, then getting really funded by bossing and such, then start a Night lord once i made over 10bil. What do u basilers have to say?
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ValorEye Level 190 Windia Demon Slayer 4
Dual blader. Imagine all those numbers with phantom blow.
Sep 24 2012
Thanks for your opions, also ive been hearing mercedes dont need to much funding either, how would a mercedes compare to a dual blade with that kind of funding?
Sep 24 2012
sorry but with that funding you wont make a decent db or nl. you'll need around 10bil for decent damage. being perfect weapon then around 9%each equip
Sep 24 2012
flarestorm9 Level 167 Bera Blade Recruit
Db is really good. You rarely ever get hit, and if you're getting the empress set, you're good to go.
Sep 24 2012
Sep 24 2012
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