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Sep 30 12
Windia Wild Hunter 3
Im making an aran for that event polearm and i can't think of a name
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Sep 30 12
Bera Mercedes 4
uh what polearm event?
Sep 30 12
Windia Wild Hunter 3
markcuz: uh what polearm event?

If you level a aran to level 75 you get a polearm. Its in the event tab o-o
Sep 30 12*
Bellocan Aran 4
You should make a name that isn't related to Arans. Learn from my mistake. I have a few lame names saved up. I'll post them for giggles.
Edit: I know they suck. You can take them, but you probably don't want to. ShortTempest, BadAranIGN, GrindingPole, ImATemPest.
Sep 30 12
Windia Kaiser 2
name it DragoLord69
Sep 30 12
Bera Aran 4
Does the polearm looks cool? and is it tradable?
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Sep 30 12
ElNido Demon Slayer 4
Sep 30 12
Scania Demon Avenger 2
Sep 30 12
Windia Aran 4
polearm kinda sucks man
Sep 30 12
Windia Kaiser 4
i didnt even come up with a name related to arans, i just have 8 chars all named _Elemental_
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