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You cant change an androids hair into royal hair
Oct 09 2012
lovesupport Level 209 Broa Bishop
You can easily change your deluxe into a fantastical android. Just change the face and hair. I'm not if there is limit to android hairs[/quote]

Absolutely incorrect. Fantastical Androids (as well as Princessoids) has a different hair (as well as eyes for Fantastical) compared to Deluxe/Regular Androids. You cannot obtain All-Star/Royal hairstyles on regular androids.

So far, I have seen a female fantastical android with Odd Eyes as well as Kitty Hair. I really want one with the male Sulky Face.
Oct 10 2012
lovesupport Level 209 Broa Bishop
@MeiGuiHua: Yes, but you can't turn a Deluxe Android looking like a Fantastical/Princessoid with Royal Hair/Eyes.
Oct 10 2012
MeiGuiHua Level 159 Windia I/L Arch Mage Boundless Guild
@lovesupport: Yes I get it, but I can dress it up fancy. But I don't know if they all contain royal hairs/faces
Oct 10 2012
lovesupport Level 209 Broa Bishop
Regular: Only VIP/EXP Hairs
Deluxe: Only VIP/EXP Hairs (Lilin Hair is an exclusive)
Princessoid: Lively Waved/Hime/Bow (VIP)
Fantastical (F): Unreleased Hair (Those pigtail things)/Kitty/Cygnus (Unconfirmed)
Fantastical (M): All-Star Hair (Forgot the name)/Justin Bieber hair

I don't know much about Fantastical Androids but I know they have exclusive hair to themselves.
Oct 10 2012
omisfortuneo Level 206 Scania Blade Master

Open it >___< I wanna see, I bought a Fantastical Android (F) coupon this mroning, and got a black kitty hair~

Saw one with the Cygnus hair not long ago.
Oct 10 2012
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