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Fantastical Android F coupon

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Hello all,
I recently opened one of those teabag items and got a fantastical android (F) coupon.
I was just wondering how much these are worth since ive never seen these before.
Also, if theres anyone in bellonova thats interested just pm an offer or something.

Thanks in adavnce ~
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if you want it for the korean sounds you know you can easily do that on a normal android with a simple wz edit. Also you can change the sounds to whatever you like
Oct 11 2012
xfairytales Level 209 Khaini Phantom 4
I got one that has Kitty hair, friend has one with cygnus hair. It does speak Korean when you click on it and wears a different default dress than the princessoid. I think you can possibly sell it for 2bil or so. Kitty hair is cute
Oct 11 2012
catdograt Level 132 Nova Hero
I'd totally buy it if it was the male version. I heard they're around 1~2 bil.
Oct 13 2012
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