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Cant load Maplestory

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I know there are a lot of other threads like this but i can't find any of them anymore.
Maple doesn't load when I use the Gamelauncher. When I use the website, it works until I
get to the point of choosing a world. Says "trouble logging in?..." What do i do?
dexslayerLevel 133 Demethos Jett 4
Posted: October


hm, when you use the website, do you immediately close your browser/tab that has after pressing play/launch? I'd suggest leaving the page open until you finish choosing your world and character. I'm not sure if this will help, but I think it "might" solve your issue =].
pluckyoureyesLevel 175 Bera Blade Master
Oct 13 2012

Isn't the website just so helpful yet people never seem to look at it?
xxJPxxLevel 134 Scania Dark Knight
Oct 13 2012
Isn't there a guide that tells you to add "GameLaunching" at the end of the filepath to something.
Oct 13 2012

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