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Oct 13 12
DemethosGMS Jett 4
I know there are a lot of other threads like this but i can't find any of them anymore.
Maple doesn't load when I use the Gamelauncher. When I use the website, it works until I
get to the point of choosing a world. Says "trouble logging in?..." What do i do?
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Oct 13 12*
Bera Blade Master
hm, when you use the website, do you immediately close your browser/tab that has after pressing play/launch? I'd suggest leaving the page open until you finish choosing your world and character. I'm not sure if this will help, but I think it "might" solve your issue =].
Oct 13 12*
Scania Dark Knight

Isn't the website just so helpful yet people never seem to look at it?
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Oct 13 12
Scania Aran 4
Isn't there a guide that tells you to add "GameLaunching" at the end of the filepath to something.

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