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How the hell do i get pocket slots ? Help ? o

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As the title suggests , how do i use pocket items ? I got one from the event , which gives 6 stats ea , but i cant equip it .. if it matters im a lvl 120 cannon shooter.
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gandalfail Level 164 Scania Wild Hunter 4
You have to have Lvl. 30 Charm
Oct 14 2012
Lv 30 charm + Rose Clipping + Quest[/quote]

oh okay , but how do i get my Charm up ? Its currently at lvl 4 -.- sooo .. and what is the quest ?
Oct 14 2012
You could also trade 80 gallant emblems for a pocket slot.
Also you won't receive the quest until your charm is lvl 30, and you raise it by equipping cs items, gaining fame, trait potions, changing face/hair, some equips such as zak helms, htp's, etc
Oct 14 2012
Exumaii Level 161 Elnido Wind Archer 4
It would probably be easier for you to farm Tempest Coins and get the Magic Pocket slot in 2 months when we get it. The Magic Pocket gives you instant access to the slot, and costs either 80 or 100 coins.
Oct 14 2012
Pheonixsblaze Level 198 Bellocan Marksman
oh okay , but how do i get my Charm up ? Its currently at lvl 4 -.- sooo .. and what is the quest ?[/quote]

Iirc the quest is from the royal hair guy in Hene
There are trait guides out there for you to use, but I use Kpq (10) for 260 and Dojo (3) for 300
Oct 14 2012
Beesafree Level 200 Mardia Corsair
mu lung dojo, if you can beat ranked you get 40 coins
25 coins is the yellow belt, the yellow belt gives 100 charm, at 3 times a day thats 4 yellow belts and 400 charm
zak helms can net you a bit of charm
VL coins give charms, you can do it once a day and vl drops anywhere from 1-3 coins (i think 80 charm per coin here)
buying temp NX stuff from other players from the suprise boxes net 30-60 charm based on the item per purchase (about 20m for 90 day in mardia)
then we got monster park, with enough coins, i think 50? you get the mustache, and that gives 100 charm

the dojo also awards the dojo gloves, and in turn they give more charm
we got the kenta pq
the silent crusade quest i believe give a little charm
and if im not mistaken some of the HC stuff gives charm?
Oct 14 2012

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