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LoL Talk Fiora or Jayce?

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RazorNion Level 205 Scania Night Lord
I'm deciding whether I should buy Jayce or Fiora.

Reason for:
Fiora, she has great attack speed but I heard she falls if she's not fed.
Jayce, he's well-known to zone out many top laners but Morello recently said that Riot is going to nerf Jayce, Ezreal, and others and I'm not sure how bad the nerf would be.

Which one?
Posted: October 2012 Permalink
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I bought vayne with my 6300 IP

u should do the same man
Oct 17 2012
gvjko Level 78 Chaos Ranger
i read this as lol talk about fiora and jayce. Assuming something happened making two people name fiora and jayce the new pop news and we were going to talk about it. I was dissapointed.
Oct 17 2012
alex3650 Level 142 Windia Night Lord
Jayce obviously lol
But wait a little since S2 just ended, i'm expecting many nerfs to champs like ez, darius, etc
Oct 17 2012
fiora have no cc... and pro players will stomp her...

Jayce have great damage even if your are not fed, and does well in ranked too...
Oct 17 2012
EatMyWaffles Level 148 Scania Phantom 4
Naut ftw
Oct 21 2012

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