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Oct 28 12
Scania Blade Master
for a phantom in decent time plz
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Oct 28 12
Windia Bishop
50k just to be safe
Oct 28 12
Bellocan Aran 3
kuchiyose no jutsu

gedo mashouuuuuu
Oct 28 12
Bera Buccaneer
i solo just fine with a 30k range on a db
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Oct 28 12
Scania Assassin
Igneel: You only need ~20k if you have 100% PDR

your damage still gets halved
Oct 28 12
Scania Aran 4
Igneel: Serious?

Yeah. She doesn't use PDR as her 50% reduction. I believe it's called Physical Element Reduction, which applies to all characters, even mages. However, mages can use Elemental Reset to remove the damage reduction.
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Oct 28 12
Windia Phantom 4
25k~30k took me about 17min to solo
(without %PDR equips D
Oct 28 12
Broa Phantom 4
Well, a 20k range (minimum) should be fine. If you are going for a decent time, I would say atleast 40k.
Also, they use a different damage reduction. Hilla's damage reduction is identical to that of Pink Bean and Empress, it's impenetrable for any class except mages.
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Oct 28 12
Khaini Bishop
what about a mercedes
i got 26.5k range atm outside of hilla
Oct 28 12
Khaini Battle Mage 4
20k range on my phantom and I can solo it in about 10 minutes.
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