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what range to solo hilla?

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50k just to be safe
Oct 28 2012
Iwantodrawnowhu Level 95 Bellocan Aran 3
kuchiyose no jutsu

gedo mashouuuuuu
Oct 28 2012
You only need ~20k if you have 100% PDR[/quote]

your damage still gets halved
Oct 28 2012
Raiden Level 209 Scania Aran 4 See what games, anime & art Raiden is intoRaiden

Yeah. She doesn't use PDR as her 50% reduction. I believe it's called Physical Element Reduction, which applies to all characters, even mages. However, mages can use Elemental Reset to remove the damage reduction.
Oct 28 2012
fireboy618 Level 200 Windia Phantom 4
25k~30k took me about 17min to solo
(without %PDR equips D
Oct 28 2012
kira3760 Level 186 Broa Mercedes 4
Well, a 20k range (minimum) should be fine. If you are going for a decent time, I would say atleast 40k.
Also, they use a different damage reduction. Hilla's damage reduction is identical to that of Pink Bean and Empress, it's impenetrable for any class except mages.
Oct 28 2012
what about a mercedes
i got 26.5k range atm outside of hilla
Oct 28 2012
silver49361 Level 184 Elnido Xenon 4
20k range on my phantom and I can solo it in about 10 minutes.[/quote]

ss or bs
Oct 28 2012
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