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Windows 8 Compatibility with Maplestory

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Since Windows 8 got released might as well ask this question: Is it compatible with Maplestory?
(Anyone who got Windows 8 installed already on their computers!)
Posted: October 2012 Permalink


no it is not fully compatible with MS. it just came out offically. The best thing would be to have a dual boot. 1 parition on windows 7 and 1 parition in windows 8.

Windows 8 sucks, simple functions that use to be simple is now more complex for the average users. Also getting rid of the start menu for the start screen no no. Although flaws can be fix with hacks, Microsoft should of allow users to easily toggle between stuff easily and not have to find hacks to restore stuff
Oct 29 2012
Also anyone here confused on how to close the computer, hover the cursor over the top right cornerm then slide it down a bit and the stupid charms will appear, after that click on Settings, then power then shut down. You can make a shortcut icon to the desktop too
Oct 29 2012
I'm not asking if Windows 8 is awesome or not
I'm just asking if Maplestory works under Windows 8...
Oct 29 2012
To answer your question, no, MapleStory is not compatible with Windows 8 (yet)
If you're planning on upgrading, wait until there is official word that Maple will be playable on the new OS.

And to the haters/lovers of W8. Who cares? You think whatever you want, there will always be a conflict between Windows advancements.
Once you play around with it for a few days, it really does grow on you (at least to me.) Plus, my computer runs faster now and that's a good +1.
Oct 29 2012
j0shlink Level 200 Windia Bow Master
@nanosecond why are you talking about compatibility? obviously it won't be compatible with most programs because the damn thing just got released[/quote]
Most of the New OS are compatible with old programs that's why there is a compatibility function. The programs are the ones that have to adjust to new OS not the OS to programs...
OT: Even tough new OS are full of errors and bugs on release so wait until they get fix.
Oct 29 2012
Demon671 Level 121 Khaini Night Lord
I don't trust MS OS's that comes after good ones. MS has so much rep of having a really horrible OS after a really good one.


95 Horrible 98 Good 2000/ME Horrible XP Good Vista Horrible Win7 Good. From the looks of some users I've talked to Win8 is just a hassle and I probably wouldn't bother unless I have a Touch Screen.
Oct 29 2012
Stimlexa Level 200 Windia Blade Master
My friend is now using Windows 8 and can't get Maple Story to work at all. I told her to try compatibility mode, but she says that doesn't work either. Take of that what you will.
Oct 29 2012
Crizit Level 221 Broa Corsair
Microsoft said that everything that worked with Win7, Will work with Win8 too. I wonder if it's true.
Oct 29 2012
It worked for me for the past two days, and now Maple won't even load for me. I am having so many issues with Windows 8.
Oct 29 2012
I was able to play it yesterday for a few hours.. And then it wouldn't load. I'm really hoping it works soon...
Oct 30 2012

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