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Good equips good to go for?
MapleStory Forums : Phantom : Talk about the Phantom Thief Legend
Nov 02 12
Chaos Blade Master
Hey everyone, so I made a Phantom a 3 weeks ago and I got it to level 80. I worked from some mesos and my friend helped me out. I spent about idk, 70mill? on ab ring, 2%luk belt, 3%luk earrings, the level 70 cane(clean), clean level 70thief hat(forgot what it was callled T.T but it sucks) a thief suit which gives me a few dex, crappy shoe...(ima replace them soon cause their level 40 T.T) mushroom kingdom gloves with 2 attack(just need it for the attack), default cape with +2luk and +2dex(I want to get presidential ballooon but so rare ) no accessory , and android with a 4 attack gold heart that i crafted . I only have 4mill right now and im trying to go for belts to earn more mesos or if im lucky, get a good one to use for my phantom. Help me out? Im in chaos and its so hard to get mesos and what equips should I strive for? @.@ my luk right now is i think aroudnd 425-440 and i think my dex is 117.
New MapleStory Screen: Db using corsair skill?
Nov 02 12
Bellocan Blade Master
Don't be silly just hang in there till tempest.
New MapleStory Screen: My nightlord
Nov 02 12*
Chaos Blade Master
well, i have 62 base dex, and buffs with equips gets me to 117...
New MapleStory Screen: Db using corsair skill?
Nov 02 12
Scania Phantom 4
62 base dex is still really high.

you can try to craft level 40 thief tops/bottoms and hope for some %LUK potentials.
Nov 02 12
Chaos Blade Master
i played today and now my dex is 70 because im planning to get empress equips and i want to make sure i can wear them. also, making belts to get %luk is really hard because for the pass few weeks, i made about 800 belts and only 3 of them were 3% luk only... it depends on luck basically which i hate.....
New MapleStory Screen: Db using corsair skill?
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