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Maplestory crashes with no error

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Yukasuka Level 107 Scania Dawn Warrior 3
I've been trying to play maplestory for awhile now, but I'm never able to get past the login screen. If I try to log in without using the website, I enter my password and click log in but it freezes for a few seconds then closes without an error. If I log in through the website then start it, it goes to the world selection page but doesn't display any worlds and closes within a few minutes without an error... anyone know what's wrong, or how I could fix it?

I've tried reinstalling.. I have directx 9 and everything..
Posted: November 2012 Permalink


Has this been happening for multiple instances, or just this one time?

I haven't crashed in a good couple of months so it could be a client-side glitch. You can always try the alternative to logging in though if that helps.
Nov 03 2012
Yukasuka Level 107 Scania Dawn Warrior 3
It's been happening every time I try to play.
Nov 03 2012
iShinzoo Level 200 Scania Battle Mage 4
Same things happening to me. Keep getting error 11004. ):
Nov 03 2012
Yukasuka Level 107 Scania Dawn Warrior 3
I've restarted the game multiple times and I still have the same issue *sigh*
Nov 03 2012

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