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Nov 07 12
Galicia Blade Master
As the title says.. Yes, I have looked on Google, I can't find anything though. I see gameplay and stuff there, but no guides. I personally thought it was from Ereve, but when I go to the far left portal it says only cyngus nights and enter. And when I go into the training ground it says this event is over.

I'm a 165 Dual Blade.

Nov 07 12
Renegades Kaiser 4
SDH whats that?
New MapleStory Screen: 2nd cht for me
Nov 07 12
Galicia Corsair
Get to Temple of time, then of the 3 portals take the first one. (red crack on top) then take either side of the future heneseys/ereve then follow the map to where ever you want to reach.
Nov 07 12*
Galicia Blade Master
Second Drill Hall. Sorry, i'll edit the post.

Editception! Thank you^^!
Nov 07 12
Renegades Kaiser 4
oh okay yeah you go to leafre then time temple and through future henny...
i was thinking you ment sh but you can never be to sure
New MapleStory Screen: 2nd cht for me
Nov 07 12
ElNido Evan 10th Growth
Go to leafre. Then ToT. Then future henesys through the crack int he mirror. Then open you map and you will see SH. SDH is on the map.

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