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[url=,%20November%20Update]Fiel's Extractions[/url]

For those who are not Korean/cannot read Korean, these are the translated Fiel extractions of Mechanic Hyper Skills by me. If you guys happen to see an error or something seems off, post it here or PM me. I'll try to get it fixed asap. Now, on to the skills!

The skills are in order, while skipping all the common Hyper Skills.

Laser Blast - Reinforce
Laser Blast damage +20%, totaling to 520%.

Amplifier AF-11 - Persist
Increases placement time by 10 seconds, totaling to 100 seconds.

Magnetic Field - Reinforce Please note that this is not a new skill. Rock 'n Shock in KMS is called Magnetic Field.
Increases damage by 20%, totaling to 220%.

Magnetic Field - Cooldown Reduce
Decreases the cooldown time by 50%, making the cooldown a total of 90 seconds.

Magnetic Field - Persist
Increases placement time by 20 seconds, for a total of 80 seconds.

Amplifier AF-11 - Extra Target
Hits two extra targets. (I'm not sure about this one, I believe it's talking about the number of targets it hits when it explodes.)

Amplifier AF-11 - Reinforce
Increases Amplifier's explosion damage by 20%.

Will of Liberty
Resistance's 50k Increase on Damage Cap skill.

Distortion Field
Our active Hyper skill, Damage 300%, hits one time to 8 mobs, lasting 4 seconds with a cooldown time of 8 seconds.
I can't tell if that 300% damage is a joke; our Laser Blast has no cooldown and hits 520% x 5 after the Hyper Skills. We'll have to see how this actually works, maybe it hits the monsters at an extremely fast rate? I don't know.

Reactive Metal Armor
For 180 seconds, increases HP by 30%, increases minimum and maximum damage by 30%. Looks like we're upgrading to Nuclear material. Strangely it doesn't have a cooldown... Permanent 30% increase anyone?

Laser Blast - Extra Target
Laset Blast hits two more targets for a total of 10 targets.

Laser Blast - Bonus Attack
Laser Blast's number of hits are increased by one for a total of 5 hits.

Even though it may not seem that great at first glance, it's a huge improvement. The overall damage boost is pretty big, and we all love that. Distortion Field was a bit of a let down, but seeing how we already have Giant Robot SG-88, I suppose they can't give us another explode-everything-on-the-map skill. They seem to really want us to use Rock 'n Shock a lot though...Luckily, with the Reduce Cooldown, Increase Time, Robot Mastery and our Mechanic character card on Rock 'n Shock, it'll have no cooldown. Lastly, Laser Blast is just awesome now. 520% x 5 to one, and if we were to assume a situation where there are ten mobs perfectly lined up for you (haha not very likely, but regardless), that'll be 26,000% damage per laser. If that kind of situation did come up, even a Mech with only 10k range would be hitting 2,600,000 in total per laser! And that's without Amp, OverTune, Reactive Metal Armor.

What are your opinions on the skills?

Credits to:
Fiel of SouthPerry for the extractions.
Me for translations.
Kazzooey for minor fix in translation.
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Thank you very very much for this Much easier than sifting through google translate[/quote]

No problem. Pictures coming up soon.

EDIT: Icons and Effects are up.
Nov 08 2012
I don't think the Amplifier increases damage by 20%. I've looked on Southperry, Leafre, and the extractions and they all say that it is just +20% damage upon explosion.[/quote]

Yeah you're right. That was my mistake. Fixed.
Nov 08 2012
Kazzooey Level 200 Khaini Zero Transcendent
And how did you come up with the +30% Minimum/Maximum damage on Reactive Armor? The extractions say +30% Hp, Damage Reduction, and it mentions "state hit" which I would only assume Status Resistance. Also it's clearly a survivability skill so why would they put +30% Minimum/Maximum damage on it? And min/max damage only applies to critical damage or weapon mastery which it mentions neither of the two.
You're wrong on the damage boost to Laser Blast. It is not 520% per hit, it is a 20% total damage increase which turns it into 600% total per hit.
Nov 08 2012
i'm kinda dissapointed by the extra skills they are just mainly focused on amplifier , they could have been a little bit more creative.
and lets hope they make disortion field a little bit more clear -,-
Nov 08 2012
Psydei Level 196 Khaini Bishop
[url=] look here[/url] if you don't understand extractions,also, I think that Mecha hyper skills are total crap, srry for you gaise. Well, this is kms, there's still hope they change them.
Nov 09 2012
DistantSky Level 205 Khaini Marksman See what games, anime & art DistantSky is intoDistantSky
why the crap is our reinforce hyper skills explosion damage . . ?
thats like, something that hits once every 3 minutes
if and only if the monster is on the exact spot the robot was in.

-flips table-
Nov 09 2012
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