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jorrik Level 132 Bera Shadower
Is he coming to GMS some day?
Cause he looks AMAZING!

If his not can sombody please tell me how to join JMS?

Thanks alot guys!
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@ibrahim65432: emm familiars origanlly came from KMS and 95% of the stuff KMS gets we get aswell.
It wasn't exclusive to any server.
Nov 08 2012
Miauri Level 210 Khaini Buccaneer
probally not its JMS exclusive the same with their mage (hayato if i'm right)[/quote]Hayato is the samurai. Kanna is the mage.
Nov 08 2012
@Miauri: thanks i forgot i tend to not look @ stuff we aren't getting
Nov 08 2012
ArtZomg Level 119 Bellocan Buccaneer See what games, anime & art ArtZomg is intoArtZomg
Hayato and Kanna are and (likely) always will be JMS exclusive, [i]**unless**[/i] GMS tries to pull something.
Nov 08 2012
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