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Nov 09 12
Broa Jett 4
Update: I am disappointed to be taking this down, but despite the overwhelming 98% support it didn't seem to have the desired effect.

tldr at bottom

  • Basil opens the door*

  • Nexon walks in*

Hey Nexon, come on in, sit down and let's have a chat.

Yeah, you guessed it, this is an intervention and all of us Basilers and Maplers are here. But don't be frightened, don't feel threatened, we're here because we love you and just want to see you be happy again like you used to be. I'm going to be honest Nexon, you used to make us happier too, but you've become a total scrooge and something's change or else we're leaving.

This whole thing about charging us to share items on the same account is dumb. You're hungry, you need to eat, we get it that you want to charge us for selling some items to other players. But why do I have to pay money to use my gear on another player on the same stinking account?

Hey, stop staring off at the ceiling, I'm being serious here, pay attention! Let me break it down for you and tell you a story about my friend Timmy who came to me F4'ing and F5'ing like a little girl the other day.

Timmy's Plight

Over the years Timmy has tried various jobs but keeps going back to his beloved Bowman. He doesn't like to brag but I've bossed with him before and he's got some pretty godly gear. Timmy's not uber rich, but he is a smart guy, so he's focused on collecting gear that's Common so he can use it on other players. I know he's got at least a Horntail Necklace, Chaos Zakum Helmet, Witch's Belt, a Time Traveller Medal, a lovingly scrolled Homecoming Victory Jacket and he's been playing so long he has a Crusader Shoulder from the time when they were still cubable!

But here's the problem. He's about to hit 200 and wants to try out the upcoming Angelic Buster class. Naturally, he wants to make use of all that awesome gear he's spent not only countless in-game hours collecting, but also real-world money spent on cubing to magnificent heights of badassery. Here's the bill he can expect to pay to use the above gear on a different player:


Horntail Necklace
$3 / 3,000 nx for Scissors of Karma

Chaos Zakum Helmet
$4 / 4,000 nx for Platinum Scissors of Karma

Witch's Belt
$3 / 3,000 nx for Scissors of Karma

Homecoming Victory Jacket
$3 / 3,000 nx for Sharing Tag

Time Traveller Medal
He's out of luck on this one because it's untradable. Why? I always see people commenting on how cool it is that he has that medal. When I first saw it I was inspired to participate in every event knowing that I could have something which other players wouldn't have in a year - cool points. But then I stopped when I realized that like Timmy I wouldn't be able to use it on any other account, so what's the point?

Crusader Shoulder
This is the original Crusader Shoulder so he can't even trade it using a Sharing Tag. At first I was all jelly because of how much DEX % it has on it. Then I thought, I feel bad for him, he put some real money into cubing that thing, but it's stuck on his Bowman! What's the point of that when he hits 200 and wants to play another class? You couldn't do a better job of discouraging me from cubing, gg.

So out of 6 items he'd have to pay $13 to transfer 4 of them, and he's totally out of luck on the other 2, they're permanently stuck on players he may never play again.

You still with me Nexon? Timmy's invested all that time and money into items he may not ever use again (Medal and Shoulder), and out of the 4 items that he can use on another player on the same account, he has to spend even more money to transfer them over! We've all been trying to figure this out and are stumped - what're you thinking?

Maybe it's...

Maybe you're trying to keep the game balanced by preventing players from making it too easy to be godly? Oh but wait, that theory's shot out of the water thanks to the Legendary tier, Nebulites and now another 3 lines of potential.

Maybe it's because you're trying to squeeze a few extra dollars out of everyone? That makes sense in the short term, but let's think about it logically and long term. If Timmy, who has a modest budget of $15 per month that he can spend on games, has to decide between whether to spend $13 just to transfer his own items, or whether to max out that $15 out and get 4 iPod Touch apps and a couple of 360 downloadable games for him and his brothers to play, it's kind of a no-brainer don't you think?

The Maple items that he has to spend $13 to transfer are still going to be locked, and he's in the same predicament if he gets bored of the Angelic Buster or a new class comes out. He doesn't get newer items for that $13, they don't get any cooler or better, he can just use them again! But he owns the iPod apps and 360 games and him and his bro's play endlessly without any restrictions. Obvious choice much?

Dude, the thing you're not getting is that if he could transfer his items freely between an Angelic Buster, Corsair, Bowman, etc, he might actually be enticed to spend MORE money on pets, Hyper Rocks, etc etc on those players when he gets a little extra in the summer or on his birthday. By charging him $13 each time he wants to play a different character, you're effectively setting him back $13 every time, and totally discouraging him from ever playing more than one character. I know exactly where this is headed because it's the same decision that so many other players have come to - Timmy's going to quit soon because he knows he can get more value for his buck elsewhere.

Seriously Nexon, it's game face time

So Nexon, come on man, wake up and stop being so short-sighted. I'm tired of losing my friends. We've all got a great thing going, let's not ruin it all over something as dumb as this. And please, don't make us get together like this for another uncomfortable intervention in two weeks time. Get your act together!

  • Nexon is staring at the floor, QQ'ing*

  • Basilers huddle together for a big hug*

tldr: Nexon, myself and the community represented below are asking you to please remove all restrictions on sharing items on the same account. This includes SoK, PSoK, Sharing Tag as well as Untradable items.

Want to help?
If you agree with the above, feel free to help by sharing the link to this thread on your MS-related blog, twitter, tumblr, etc or share the link / your support on Nexon's facebook (politely). Thanks!
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POLL - Basil Intervention #1
98% - I agree - 4691 / 4774
1% - I disagree - 83 / 4774
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Nov 09 12
Scania Bow Master
Yeah, I don't really spend time building on newer characters because this game is frankly too expensive for my taste. If anything it discourages me from spending money because it's very inefficient to move decent gear over to another character.
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Nov 09 12
Windia Blaze Wizard 4
I completely agree
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Nov 09 12
Scania Bow Master
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Nov 09 12*
Bera Blade Master
hell yeah, I agree !
Nov 09 12
Windia Mercedes 4
Your last point is interesting. Personally I and many others have quit too because of Nexon's policies. If that is what you meant anyway.
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Nov 09 12*
Windia Night Lord
T O O L O N G D I D N ' T R E A D V E R S I O N

Remember remember the 9th of November,
Cash item appeasement and plot.
I see no reason why cash and appeasement,
should ever be forgot.

We are behind you Mr. B, we are your personal army...

Mr. Basil Meme



Pay no attention to this segment, lest ye be interested in fighting for the Basilarmy
Interlude -To be sung to the tune of MCR- Welcome to the Black Parade

When I was a nooblet,
my father took me into a K-Mart.
To see a Prepaid rack...
he said, "Son when you grow up will you be the saviour of,
the ripped off, the whining, and the banned"

He said, "Will you defeat them, the monsters,
and all the nexon execs...
The plans that they have made"

"Because one day, I'll leave you an NPC
to guide you in November,
to join the Basil Brigade..."

[Interlude - End]
[Verses to be read as spoken word poetry]

Now my soldiers is the time to rise,
When Nexon least expects to see us,
We will gather as one entity.

Driven by the forces of anger,
fed by the demons which confer in us,
and vanquished by our very own offspring.

The future of Maplestory lies within us at this very moment,
and it is up to us!
Yes, it is up to us...
to deem the game, worthy of a new era.

One in which a player will not be asked to create a new character,
every single time he requires an item transfer...
One in which a player will not be asked to pay for items,
in order to get ahead from those who put time and effort in...

Some say, we may be out of our blessed minds to dream of such things.
Bah! Humbug unto them, and let my brow unfurl with an unquenchable fury...
Let it crush the enemies which stand in our path.

I dream that one day, all of us will live happily and equally.
One day that Mr. Basil also dreams of.
One day in which all the hopes which we yearn for are compiled and completed.

I yearn for freedom.
I yearn for this blood lust to cease.
I yearn for the money hungry employees to end.

Hate will find them,
Justice is blind.
I keep on praying,
for my fragile mind.

Basilians unite,
and forever we stand.
screaming our anthem,
hand in hand.

Remember remember the 9th of November,
Cash item appeasement and plot.
I see no reason why cash and appeasement,
should ever be forgot.

Not important stuff

How many of you truly support the cause,
show your affection by writing your own verses
and feel free to add onto mine.

I love you Basil
and all that you stand for
don't let the speaker die.

Don't give in to the man.
Nov 09 12
Scania Cleric
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Nov 09 12*
DemethosGMS Hayato 4
Pandas Guild
The people who disagree must work for Nexon.
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Nov 09 12
Scania Dawn Warrior 3
yeah, what can i say...
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