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Mesoranger Exam Answer Combinations

General MapleStory General MS questions and answers

Will be testing different combinations of answers to get the max points. So far I've repeatedly answered the first choice for all the questions got 345 points each time.

Edit: 2,2,2,2,2 = 250 so far I've gotten all the colored helmets, the amount of points you get =/= specific equipment piece. BTW why does the black one have +10 while all the other ones are +8..Nexon are a bunch of RACISTS..loljk

Edit2: as for the boxes, on my first try I got a lord pirate chair..i was like , rest of the boxes gave me various scrolls, transformations pots, etc.
Posted: November


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Do you have to use a certain combination to get a certain score?
catdogratLevel 132 Nova Hero
Nov 14 2012
yes @ ^ p2s
xoxoSakuraLevel 215 Bera Evan 10th Growth
Nov 14 2012
I got a tradeable Lord Pirate Chair and untradeable Pink Beach Parasol Chair
from the boxes .

Currently using the combination 3-4-1-1-3 thanks to Garrettt
SwerveLevel 201 Bera Blade Master
Nov 14 2012
Just realized those chairs aren't worth as much as I thought I see people with multiples of soul teddys and lord pirate
Nov 14 2012
Lol thanks Garrettt.
Now I just need to get Trust+Will+Bravery to get Meso ranger equips.
Without doing anything I get 500+0+500=1000 =D

BTW Merchant NPC on monster park sells Will for 300 mesos each LOL.
If anyone know another NPC selling the other green stuff, say it here. Thanks ^^
warameLevel 200 Windia Night Lord
Nov 14 2012
I got a tradeable Lord Pirate Chair and untradeable Pink Beach Parasol Chair
from the boxes .

Currently using the combination 3-4-1-1-3 thanks to Garrettt[/quote]

I got 2 Soul Teddy Chair >.<
janny1993Level 212 Scania Blade Master
Nov 14 2012
I got 3 lord pirate chair sold one for 280m lol sell dem chairs before people realize they're easy to get

wait so you can buy will,bravery,trust from shops? wtf so mesoranger gear is worthless >.<
Nov 14 2012
For this to make it into the mesoranger? what is the minimum? As for the first thing I got 500, questions like 200 something and then 0 for the bravery, killking bosses etc.
Kyo1135Level 208 Scania Dark KnightBoundless Guild
Nov 15 2012
"**Dr. Kim's Interview**
You'll obtain Interview Points from the conversation with Dr. Kim.
5 random questions will be selected.
Score will increase with correct answers but decrease from incorrect answers.
Each question is worth up to 100 points."
-From update notes

34113 gives 500 points. There are only 5 questions. This is the most points you can get.
Nov 15 2012
**To get 1000 points do this:**
Do Dr.Pepper's quests. Only hand in TWO books and keep the other 2 in 10 pieces.
Do the Generals quests, finish all of them(kill 200 monsters) but only hand in ONE quest(you get one crystal)
For the Quiz it's: 3, 4, 1, 1, 3
To get 500.

The two books you give, Dr. Pepper gives you 400 points, the one crystal thing you get from the General gives you 100 points. The quiz if you answer it in this order: 3, 4, 1, 1, 3 gives you 500. 400+100+500= 1000.

If you did what I told you to do you should get two hand ins. So two quiz with exactly 1000 score. This leaves you with 1 more crystal so you repeat this process again until you get bored.

No point handing in extra since you don't get anything better.

**While you're killing monsters again do this while it's not completed yet:**

Do Dr.Peppers quest and get all books. Hand them all in, this gives you 500 points.
Same answer key for the quiz.

500+500+0= 1000.
lian360Level 1 Khaini Kaiser 1
Nov 15 2012
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