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Nov 16 12
Bera Blade Recruit
Hey guys, im wondering when Black Friday is. I really wanna buy a new computer at Tiger Direct.
I appreciate it ty.
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Nov 16 12
Windia Evan 10th Growth
brandonta98: ... The day after Thanksgivings, as it has always been.

The thing is retailers have been starting it in the evening to late hours of thanksgiving.
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Nov 16 12
Bera Blade Recruit
Nov 16 12
Broa Bandit
Nov 16 12
Broa Kanna 4
Don't forget to check online! Some websites online have Black Friday sales too
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Nov 16 12
Broa Bow Master
GameSoul299: is it the American's thanksgiving, and can u tell me what month it will be on, because isnt their more than 1 thanksgiving every year.
Edit : ty 2above me

Yes, there is the Canadian Thanksgiving and there is the American Thanksgiving c:
Nov 16 12
Windia Night Lord
JelloBears1: To prevent looking like an idiot in the future, Black Friday is always the day after thanksgiving. In this case, the 23rd.

oh, trust me, I don't think this guy is going to stop. Just look at his threads/posts
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