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Price of Mesoranger Outfits/Helmets?

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I have these complete sets:
Green Suit
Red Suit
Blue Suit
Black Suit
Shadow Suit
and these pieces:
Can anyone offer a rough estimate on the current prices?
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fun2killu Level 90 Windia Mechanic 3
i see pieces for like 2m each in the fm
Nov 17 2012
mattman2623 Level 203 Scania Bow Master
its like 8 mill for entire suit eff (helm,overall,gloves,boots) and will prob decrease soon since they are so easy to get
Nov 17 2012
jsnkim46 Level 140 Scania Kanna 4
ive seen them for 1m per piece in fm
Nov 17 2012
How much do you guys think a complete set would go for?
Gloves, Boots, Pink, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Shadow?
Nov 17 2012
In Bera it like 1m for everything
Nov 17 2012

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