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Luminous Ultimate Guide

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The Ultimate Luminous Guide

This is my hard worked guide that I have started since Luminous came out in KMS. Having tryed many options this is the set I find works the best and my reason behind it.
Please give me Constructive Criticism.

[header=TOC]Table of Contents

[s=/forum/2545166/#AP]LUKless AP Guide[/s]
[s=/forum/2545166/#1]Luminous Beginner Skills[/s]
[s=/forum/2545166/#2]Luminous 1st Job Skill Build[/s]
[s=/forum/2545166/#3]Luminous 2nd Job Skill Build[/s]
[s=/forum/2545166/#4]Luminous 3rd Job Skill Build[/s]
[s=/forum/2545166/#5]Luminous 4th Job Skill Build[/s]
[s=/forum/2545166/#training]Level by Level Training Guide[/s]

When the Black Mage first sought to enslave Maple World, there were seldom few brave enough to stand against him. Luminous watched in horror as his four powerful allies - Aran, Freud, Mercedes, and Phantom - fell fighting a battle they knew they could not win. With a last-ditch effort, Luminous finally sealed the Black Mage away, but a sliver of the mage's dark energy entered his body and he fell into a deep slumber.
--From Nexon

[header=AP]Luminous LUKless AP Guide
The reason behind a Luminous LUK less is because like most mages LUK doesn't affect his attacks at all and the more LUK a mage has the more MP he will have every time he levels. Also with the Tempest Update on November 29, 2012 Equipment no longer has sub-stat requirements so the issue of meeting armor stats is out of the window.
So to make this part short just dump all of your AP into INT.

Luminous Skill Guide

Luminous is the last MapleStory Legend Hero. He uses the Shining Rod as his primary weapon for attack and the Orb as the secondary weapon. The Orb is shown on your screen and it fills up depending on the type of attack you use. Light skills fill it up with a light blue color likewise dark skills fill it up with a dark black purple color. When the orb fills up completely Equilibrium occurs for 7 seconds that allows you to use more powerful skills.
For this guide I will recommend picking the Light Magic Story Line because the main attack skill is more powerful.

[header=1]Luminous Beginner Skills

All light skills deals extra 50% damage and heals 1% of MaxHP.

All dark skills deals extra 50% damage and uses 0 MP.

While in Equilibrium state which lasts 7 seconds, you will gain all benefits below:
1) 50% stance (50% chance to prevent enemy knock-backing you).
2) All damage absorbed by you is reduce to 1.
3) All skill cool down are ignored.
4) All skills cost 0 MP, deals 50% more damage and heals 1% Max HP.
5) Equilibrium skills deals 100% damage.

Ignores 10% enemy's defense.

Power of Light
Permanently increases insight to Level 20 and +20 INT (Intellect).

Light Blink
Teleports to a nearby monster if outside town or a random location within town.

Skill Build : None

Explanation : These are Exclusively Luminous skills and do not use SP.

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[header=2]Luminous 1st Job Skill Build Guide

Dark Falling - Dark Magic Story
[Dark Magic] Attacks 6 enemies in front of you with falling dark objects.
LV1: 16 MP, 88% Damage.
LV20: 22 MP, 107% Damage.

Twinkle Flash (Active) - Light Magic Story
[Light Magic] Attacks 5 enemies with an energy ball that penetrates in straight line.
LV1: -15 MP, 223% Damage.
LV20: -21 MP, 280% Damage.

Light Transforming (Active)
Use arrow keys to teleport to a location. You gain 1 second invincibility after teleportation. Also
permanently increases your jump and speed ability.
LV1: -29 MP, Horizontal Range: 116, Vertical Range: 306. +1% Jump, +2% Speed.
LV10: -20 MP, Horizontal Range: 170, Vertical Range: 360. +10% Jump, +20% Speed.

Ordinary Magic Guard (Supportive)
A certain percentage of your damage taken goes to MP.
However if there's no MP, damage goes to HP instead.
LV1: 13% Damage Displaced to MP.
LV10: 85% Damage Displaced to MP.

Extend Mana (Supportive)
Temporarily boost MaxMP. Can stack with other boosting MaxMP skills.
LV1: -11 MP, +6% MaxMP, Lasts 85 seconds increase MaxMP by 6%.
LV20: -30 MP, +25% MaxMP, Lasts 180 seconds increase MaxMP by 25%.

Light Magic Enhancement (Passive)
Permanently increases Light Magic damage.
LV1: +1% Light Magic Damage.
LV5: +5% Light Magic Damage.

Summary: (65 SP 1st Job)

Skill Build:
  1. Max Twinkle Flash
  2. Max Light Transforming
  3. Max Light Magic Enhancement.
  4. Max Extend Mana
  5. Max Ordinary Magic Guard.

You will be using Light Blink instead of Light Transforming for teleportation, so save that first SP for Twinkle Flash. Max Twinkle Flash first as it will be your primary attacking skill in 1st job. Next, max Light Transforming for its passive boost on jump and movement, speeding up training a lot. For extra damage, you can max Light Magic Enhancement after maxing those 2 essential skills mentioned above.

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[header=3]Luminous 2nd Job Skill Build Guide

Sylphid Lancer (Active)
[Light Magic] A spear of light is summoned to attack 6 enemies 4 times.
LV1: -21 MP, 96% Damage.
LV20: -31 MP, 115% Damage.

Inviolability (Active)
[Light Magic] Summons a pillar of light to knockback 10 enemies 350 pixels away from you. It
also has a chance to stun enemies while they are knockbacked from your location.
LV1: -10 MP, 55% Chance to Stun.
LV10: -15 MP, 100% Chance to Stun.

Void Pressure (Active)
[Dark Magic] Summon a giant dark orb which you can control its movement by holding left/
right arrow keys to attack 8 nearby enemies around you. It will disappear after moving 350
LV1: -5 MP, 111% Damage.
LV20: -15 MP, 168% Damage.

Bless of Darkness (Passive)
Automatically summons a dark sphere that encircles you if you are not attacked by enemies for
a period of time. You can accumulate up to 3 dark spheres, each boosts your magic attack by
a percentage of a Magic ATT cap. 1st Sphere: +50% of Cap / 2nd Sphere: +30% of Cap / 3rd
Sphere: +20% of Cap. If you receive damage when dark sphere is present, it reduces damage by
a certain percentage at the cost of one sphere.
LV1: Summon dark sphere if you're not harmed within 15 seconds.
LV1: Reduces 32% incoming damage. Sphere Damage Cap is 20 Magic ATT.
LV20: Summon dark sphere if you're not harmed within 5 seconds.
LV20: Reduces 70% incoming damage. Sphere Damage Cap is 30 Magic ATT.

Magic Booster (Supportive)
Temporarily reduces all skills attack delay.
LV1: -48 MP, Lasts 18 sec.
LV10: -30 MP, Lasts 180 sec.

Spell Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases Magic Mastery, and Magic Attack.
LV1: +14% Magic Mastery, +1 Magic ATT.
LV10: +50% Magic Mastery, +10 Magic ATT.

High Wisdom (Passive)
Permanently increases your Intelligence.
LV1: +8 INT.
LV5: +40 INT.

Everything maxed except Inviolability (9/10) (90 SP 2nd Job : LV30-60)

Skill Build:
  1. Add 1 SP into Sylphid Lancer, Void Pressure and Bless of Darkness.
  2. Max High Wisdom
  3. Max Spell Mastery
  4. MaxSpell Booster.
  5. Max Sylphid Lancer
  6. Max Void Pressure
  7. Max Bless of Darkness parallely.
  8. Dump remaining SP into Inviolability.

When you reach 2nd Job, Luminous will get an Orb Indicator located on the right side of the screen. It tells you how many more times you need to use a particular skill (either light or dark) to reach Equilibrium. Therefore, add 1 SP in both Sylphid Lancer (Light Magic) and Void Pressure (Dark Magic) to take advantage of both magic benefits. Using Light Magic heals you 1% of MaxHP whereas Dark Magic costs 0 MP.

Before maxing these 2 skills, max High Wisdom to improve your character intellect (INT). The more INT you have, the more MaxMP you gain per level. Next, max Spell Mastery to stabilize your damage and then Spell Booster to speed up your attack.

Once those 3 are maxed, proceed with adding 1 SP into Sylphid Lancer, Void Pressure and Bless of Darkness parallel as you level up. You want to have a stable balance damage when you switch from dark to light and light to dark magic. Inviolability isn't a skill use often for training, so priori[i][/i]tize it last.

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[header=4]Luminous 3rd Job Skill Build Guide

Spectral Light (Active)
[Light Magic] Attack 8 enemies 4 times with ray of light. Hold down skill key to continuously
unleash several rays of light and use Up/Down arrow keys to aim.
LV1: -8 MP, 102% Damage.
LV20: -14 MP, 121% Damage.

Shine Redemption (Active)
[Light Magic] Heal party members while damaging 6 enemies simultaneously.
LV1: 123% Damage, 25% HP Recovery.
LV20: 180% Damage, 500% HP Recovery.

Nox Spear (Active)
[Dark Magic] Attack 6 enemies twice with a dark spear piercing out from the ground.
LV1: -25 MP, 344% Damage.
LV20: -35 MP, 401% Damage.

Death Scythe (Active)
[Equilibrium] Attacks 10 enemies 4 times with 2 summoned Death Reaper wielding an
enormous Death Scythe. The damage is influenced by both light and dark. Once summon, it
proceeds with cool down.
LV1: -40 MP, 292% Damage, Cool down 29 sec.
LV20: -52 MP, 330% Damage, Cool down 10 sec.

Anti-Magic Shell (Supportive + Passive)
Summons a barrier to protect you from status effects up to 3 times before it starts cooldown. It
also permanently provides status effect and elemental damage resistance.
LV1: -29 MP, Cooldown 570 sec. +4% Resistance.
LV10: -20 MP, Cooldown 300 sec. +40% Resistance.

Light Shadow Guard (Supportive)
Temporarily boost physical and magical defenses and has a chance to ignore damage taken.
LV1: -8 MP, +120 Defense, 2% ignore damage, Lasts 72 sec.
LV10: -10 MP, +300 Defense, 20% ignore damage, Lasts 180 sec.

Party Meditation (Supportive)
Temporarily improves party member's magic attack. Can be used with Meditation.
LV1: -30 MP, +10 Magic Attack, Lasts 66 sec.
LV20: -36 MP, +40 Magic Attack, Lasts 180 sec.

Life Tidal (Passive)
Boost your damage or critical rate by comparing your current total percentage of HP and MP.
If your HP% is more than MP%, boost damage. However, if your HP% is less than or equal to
MP%, then boost critical hit rate.
LV1: +1% Damage OR +2% Critical Hit Rate.
LV20: +20% Damage OR +40% Critical Hit Rate.

Everything maxed except Shine Redemption (1/10) (121 SP 3rd Job : LV60-100)

Skill Build:
  1. Add 1 SP into Dark Scythe, Nox Spear and Spectral Light.
  2. Max Party Meditation, Nox Spear and Spectral Light simultaneously.
  3. Max Life Tidal, Light Shadow Guard and Anti Magic Shell simultaneously.
  4. Max Dark Scythe and dump remaining SP into Shine Redemption.

The skill you will be using most often is Nox Spear and Spectral Light during 3rd Job Training. So max both of them to speed up training. Next, max out those supportive skills with Life Tidal first for more damage or distribute SP evenly with 3 skills at once, whichever you prefer. You can max Dark Scythe for damage or max Shine Redemption for party healing, but best to go with Dark Scythe since it's a powerful mobbing skill during Equilibrium.

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[header=5]Luminous 4th Job Skill Build Guide

Light Reflection (Active)
[Light Magic] Attack 8 enemies 4 times with chain lightning.
LV1: -24 MP, 288% Damage.
LV30: -44 MP, 375% Damage.

Morning Starfall (Active)
[Dark Magic] Summons a shooting star from sky and crashes to the ground, rolling away from
you while knocking back up to 8 enemies within its path. Star explodes upon coming to a
standstill. This skill has a cooldown of 5 seconds.
LV1: -40 MP, 93% Damage, 283% Explosion Damage.
LV30: -50 MP, 180% Damage, 370% Explosion Damage.

Apocalypse (Active)
[Dark Magic] Open a crack from darkness, letting flames of hell burn 8 enemies.
LV1: -24 MP, 303% Damage.
LV30: -44 MP, 390% Damage.

Absolute Kill (Active)
[Equilibrium] Attack 2 enemies 6 times with 100% critical hit rate with a summoned a giant
sword infused with light and dark energy that instantly kills them. Enemies who are immune to
instant-death absorbs insane amount of damage!
LV1: -40 MP, 275% Damage, Cooldown 25 sec.
LV30: -55 MP, 333% Damage, Cooldown 10 sec.

Dark Crescendo (Supportive)
Temporarily allows you to have a chance to stack damage when hitting enemies.
LV1: -45 MP, Activation Rate: 51%, +1% Damage up to 10 times, Lasts 64 sec.
LV30: -80 MP, Activation Rate: 80%, +1% Damage up to 30 times, Lasts 180 sec.

Darkness Sorcery (Supportive)
Temporarily ignore a portion of enemy's defense and improve your critical hit rate.
LV1: -56 MP, 1% Defense Ignored, +1% Critical Hit Rate.
LV30: -56 MP, 30% Defense Ignored, +30% Critical Hit Rate.

Magic Mastery (Passive)
Permanently Increases Magic mastery, magic attack, and minimum critical damage.
LV1: 56% Magic Mastery, +1 Magic Attack, +1% Minimum Critical Damage.
LV30: 70% Magic Mastery, +30 Magic Attack, +15% Minimum Critical Damage.

Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Temporarily boost all stats by percentage.
LV1: -10 MP, +1% All Stats, Lasts 30 sec.
LV30: -70 MP, +15% All Stats, Lasts 900 sec.

Hero's Will (Active)
Removes all status effects such as Cursed/Seduce.
LV1: -30 MP, Cooldown 600 sec.
LV5: -30 MP, Cooldown 360 sec.

Summary: Everything maxed.

Skill Build:
  1. Add 1 SP into Light Reflection, Apocalypse and Absolute Kill.
  2. Max Light Reflection, Apocalypse and Magic Mastery simultaneously.
  3. Max Dark Crescendo, Darkness Sorcery and Maple Warrior simultaneously.
  4. Dump Remaining SP into Morning Starfall, Hero's Will and 2nd Job skills.

As usual, start by having 2 primary skills unlocked, Light Reflection [Light Magic] and Apocalypse [Dark Magic] and 1 ultimate equilibrium skill, Absolute Kill. Although Absolute Kill does not deal kill many monsters in 1 cast, its very efficient and powerful against single enemies especially boss enemies. This is usually used during Equilibrium state. If you do not have funds to purchase higher level Luminous Mastery Skill Book or failed to scroll your 4th Job Skills, you can use SP into other skill first. It's best to have at least 10 SP in each skills to gain benefit from all.

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[header=training]Level by Level Training Guide
1-10 : Any monsters / MapleStory Storyline Quest / Maple Island Quest
10-30 : Wanted Green, Horny, Blue, Zombie Mushroom Quests (Henesys)
10-15 : Blue Mushroom
15-17 : New Leaf City Mayor Quest (NLC)
10-18 : Blue Ribbon Pig (Nautilus) and Get main +12 stat item
17-30 : Rotting Skeleton (Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Skeletons)
18-39 : Complete Job Instructor Quest to obtain a special hat! See NOTE1*
18-30 : Rotting Skeletons (Haunted Mansion)
25-30 : Flaming Mixed Golem / Mixed Golem (Golem's Temple: Golem's Castle Ruins)
30-35 : Mushroom Kingdom Quests
30-35 : Cherry Bubble Tea (Kerning Square: 1st Floor 2nd Floor Area A/D)
30-40 : Royal Guard Pepe (Mushroom Castle: Castle Wall 6)
30-40 : Kid Mannequin (Kerning Square: 5th Floor 6th Floor Area A)
40-45 : CDs (Kerning Square: 7th Floor 8th Floor Area A)
40-50 : White Fang (El Nath: Ice Valley II)
45-60 : Bloctopus (Ludibrium: Eos Tower 33rd-34th Floor)
45-65 : Dead Scarecrows (Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Scarecrow)
45-55 : Trucker (Singapore: Suburban Area 2)
50-60 : Chryse Quest + Chryse Maps (Accessed via Orbis)
55-60 : Toy Trojans (Ludibrium: Sky/Cloud Terrace 5)
55-65 : Zeta Gray (Omega Sector: Kulan Field II)
60-65 : Samiho (Korean Folk Town: Fox Ridge) *Train here if 1 HIT KO*
60-65 : Ghost Ship Party Quest (GSPQ)
65-70 : Omega Sector Quests
60-67 : Robos and Master Robos (Ludibrium: Toy Factory )
75-80 : Cube Slime (Zenumist Research Institute: Lab - Unit 101)
75-80 : Sand Rat (Sunset Road: Sahel 1)
75-80 : Scorpion (Sunset Road: Sahel 2)
78-83 : Wooden Target Dummy (Mu Lung: Practice Field: Advanced Level)
80-85 : Iron Mutae (Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area B-3)
80-85 : Reinforced Mutae (Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area A-3)
80-90 : Vikerola (Malaysia: Fantasy Theme Park 3)
83-98 : Mr. Anchor (Singapore: Ghost Ship 6)
85-95 : Roid (Hidden Street: Critical Error)
67-90 : Twisted Jesters (Haunted House: Chimney Possessed by the Clown)
90-110 : Gallopera (Malaysia: Entrance to the Spooky World)
95-100 : Sage Cat (Mu Lung: Goblin Forest 2)
95-105 : Homonculus (Zenumist Research Institute: Lab - 203)
95-100 : Soul Teddy (Ludibrium Mini Dungeon Spatial Distortion)
90-100 : Slimy + Selkie Jr. (Singapore: Mysterious Path 3 aka MP3)
90-100 : Slimy (Singapore: Ghost Ship 2 OR 3)
90-120 : Alien Miner (Masteria NLC Town Center Alien Base Corridor)
100-110 : Bone Fish + Goby (Aqua Road Deep Sea Gorge 1)
100-110 : Ore Muncher (Edelstein Gelimer Research Lab: Deep Shaft)
100-112 : Risell Squid (Aquar Road Dangerous Sea Gorge 2)
100-112 : Captains and Krus (Mini Dungeon: Pillage of Treasure Island)
110-112 : Ghost Pirate (Ludibrium: Warped Path of Time >
110-112 : Death Teddy (Ludibrium: Forgotten Path of Time >
112-116 : Dual Ghost Pirate (Hidden Street: Unbalanced Time)
116-118 : Master Death Teddy (Hidden Street: Lost Time)
118-130 : Crocky the Gatekeeper (Lion King's Castle: Under the Castle Walls 1)
130-140 : Reindeer (Lion King's Castle: Under the Castle Walls 2)
140-150 : Blood Reindeer (Lion King's Castle: Under the Castle Walls 3)
150-160 : Bearwolf (Lion King's Castle: Under the Castle Walls 4)
160-200 : Castle Golem (Lion King's Castle: Tall Castle Walls 1)

Short Version

1-10 : Maple Quest
10-20 : Blue Ribbon Pigs + Yellow Starfish + Angry Starfish
20-30 : Flaming Mixed Golems (Red) + Mixed Golem + Dark Stone Golem
30-35 : Mushroom Castle
30-45 : CD
35-50 : Trucker
40-50 : White Fang
45-60 : Dead Scarecrow
50-55 : Toy Trojan
50-60 : Robo
55-65 : Zeta Gray
60-75 : Sand Rat + Scorpion
60-85 : Twisted Jester
75-80 : Iron Mutae
80-90 : Roid
80-110 : MP3
95-120 : Kru + Captain
115+ : Ghost Pirate + Dual Ghost Pirate + Spirit Viking.
115+ : Lion King Castle (LHC - Lion Heart Castle)
165+ : Stronghold = Lion Heart Castle

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BTW i have a KMS account so this all works!
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Isn't this a BIT too early? I mean, the guy hasn't even come out in GMS, did you try it out in KMS, or something?

Nov 17 2012
games500 Level 148 Windia Wind Archer 4
^^^ 18 days bro
Plus there were other guides made in June or July
Nov 17 2012
1st things first, we lose secondary stat before he comes out.[/quote]

This was mentioned in the guide
Nov 17 2012
PurplePenguins Level 74 Scania I/L Mage
You stole off someone else Ive seen this before
Nov 17 2012
samueld9810 Level 148 Scania Bishop
Neatly written
Nov 17 2012
LUK does affect your range.
Nov 17 2012
Exumaii Level 161 Elnido Wind Archer 4
Why would you use Light Blink instead of Light Transforming? The latter is a lot more reliable. I'd much rather teleport a few pixels than have to use a skill 10 times to get to the area I want to.
Nov 17 2012
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