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Nov 20 12
Galicia Phantom 4
Why are people preferring Jaira over Snow White?

Sure, the Snow White gives 50% stats, but i believe the speed is the same?
Jaira is more accessible, no doubt.

But I think Snow White is better in terms of looks and stats.

Jaira looks like the jaguar version of Mike Tyson with the face tattoo.
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Nov 20 12
Scania Marksman
i think jaira looks better than snow white. a dark jaguar with glowing eyes, so sexy!

Also everyone will probably go for the white one. more reason for me to go for the jaira
Even tho the white one has 100% stance, i'd go for jaira he just simply looks cooler in my opinion!
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Nov 20 12
Bera Wild Hunter 4
SniperofLove Agreed.
Nov 20 12
Scania Marksman
I didn't like Snow White at first but it eventually grew on me - especially with the 50% stance and never getting knocked around/off plats. Jaira looks more badarse and Snow White looks more regal to me. I wouldn't give up Snow White.
Nov 20 12
Scania Wild Hunter 4
At first I despised Snow White. Sure, I got the Snow White coupon during the event just in case I eventually changed my mind. In my opinion, Jaira looked much more BA than Snowy, and I still think that. I did end up using the Snow White coupon just before he was open to capture, and I haven't regretted it yet. I may miss my Jaira, but the fact that Snow White has 50% stance and the same speed as Jaira made me change my mind.
Nov 20 12
Scania Buccaneer
screw the looks...rather hav 100%stance to not be knocked around...I have jiara..
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Nov 20 12
Windia Mercedes 4
no here is how it goes. Jaira gives 190% speed and 123% jump i think while snow white only gives 170 but gives 50% stance but when u get to lvl 3rd job snow white can reach up to 190% so i recommend
snow white if u can get one
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Nov 20 12
Windia Kaiser 4
Why would anyone choose looks over usefulness
Nov 21 12
Scania Mercedes 4
White jag is unaligned for many things( eg. rope climbing and sit attacking) and the white jag doesn't look right on many skills such as jag jump, when the lue glow ruins the whole jaguar. For Jaira, the changing eye colour looks fairly nice.

But the choice doesn't matter for me cuz I have both =P
Nov 21 12
Khaini Demon Slayer 4
Jaira is the original. At one point, every WH wanted him and you were super cool to have him. I'm still clinging onto that memory along with my Jaira.
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