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Jett hyper skills?

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Nov 28 12
Scania Cleric
Hi guys,
i am really excited for jett hyper skills (if we get them, lmao).

What are your thoughts on it?
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Nov 28 12
Khaini I/L Arch Mage
Since it is an exclusive class, it will probably also be a reskin of Corsair/Buccs, or even the same exact thing if they don't feel like reskinning it.
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Nov 28 12
Scania Cleric
Guorui123: jett is gms exclusive O_O so.. i dont think it has one.
or maybe its the same as the corsair one

I think they will get some, but i indeed thinkt its a rip-off of sair/bucc skills, lol
i hope nexon will make something cool... but i dont think so
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Nov 28 12
Scania Bow Master
SMTown Guild
i think jetts should really get a rapid fire split. their lack of a final attack like skill really lowers their DPS, not to mention their lack of mastery.
this way, corsairs won't be absolutely better than jetts in terms of D/S
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Nov 28 12*
Windia Corsair
Probably copy from sair since the active skills for buccaneers is energy base which Jett doesn't have and the passive buffs can easily just go from sair to jett with the buff to rapid fire, sub/easton, solar array/blunder.

simaini: if Jett copies sair hyper skills, Jett will have amazing survivability for a range job. Seems fair to me, Sair gets the offensive, Jett gets the defensive.
Nov 28 12
Bera Marksman
we wait for cms to get hyper skills
and then we reskin maybe
Nov 28 12
Broa Dark Knight
maybe just get corsairs/buccs and give it a technological feel.
Nov 28 12
DemethosGMS Mechanic 4
Either reskin of corsair hyper or stolen boss animation with something in front (like buccaneers).
Nov 28 12
Scania Cleric
ResisTheWild: maybe just get corsairs/buccs and give it a technological feel.

Yeah haha, i think the same too
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Nov 28 12
Bera Evan 10th Growth
SixHeroes Guild
If Jett gets Sair Hyper Skills, then they'd BETTER be reskinned and NOT have the same exact animation. (If it is reskinned, it will surely be the most awesome skill animation ever! Note: not the most realistic or detailed, just the coolest) One thing I find unfair about Jett is that in 4th job, he ONLY has 4th job Sair skills, but doesn't have all of them, and the 2 he is missing are the primary dps skills other than the actual bossing attack. In other words, he is missing 2 of the 3 most important sair skills, but have NO replacement skills from Buccaneers (or, as in the case of glide blast, some random class that is unrelated to the main ripped off classes. [The animation and name of Glide Blast are ripped off from a Mercedes skill, but the mechanics of the skill are ripped off from something else, or is the only original Jett skill])
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