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Neros Purrfect Palace

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I have just bought these and can confirmed that it isn't like ornate chest.
1) When you use it, you are given a shop that sells these
Rare items!
the shop is not like the ornate chest from ToT at all, the exclusive item all have a stock of "1". When you buy that item, it goes out of stock and if you want it again, you must use another shop.
The chair when used looks like this
and here's the info on the mystery book synergizer
Book fusion
somebodyGreatOnxy - Level 53
Posted: November


Teach me how to make 2,060,553 mesos please.
DayServantAmirsan - Level 196
Nov 29 2012
Wow, pretty expensive. So how much does the chair cost and does it expire?
Nov 29 2012
Damn Nero, you're adorable now!
Ecyz8ths - Level 167
Nov 29 2012
does the synergizer work only once? or unlimited times?
Samygxz85Samygxz85 - Level 138
Nov 29 2012
The chair cost 10mil and do not expire. Synergizer only work once.
somebodyGreatOnxy - Level 53
Nov 29 2012
Synergizer seems like a waste of money lol. You can almost buy 2 MMBs for the price of the Synergizer.
Might spend the 700 NX for the chair... I'm not much of a chair collector though.
If those Stamps were the 50% or 80% chance ones then this would definitely be worth it, but 10% or 20%, meh.
Green4EVERbleve - Level 213 Solus Guild
Nov 29 2012
Thts the synergizer ive been waiting for? I thought it was gonna be like Neb Fsuion there goes 2 mules full of crap books.
Darkstar764Darkstar764 - Level 166
Nov 29 2012
The thing about these 10 and 20% is that they don't blow up... so I guess that's why they cost so much?
Nov 29 2012

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