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Ap Reset Scroll?

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So now that the secondary stats are removed do we get a ap reset scroll with this new patch because i really need one and i havn't gotten one yet. if there is something you have to do to get it please let me know thanks.
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Yeah there is a event coming for it. Check the event list in the game and you'll see it.
Nov 30 2012
ilikefoodand Level 200 Bera Buccaneer
@Chubsin: So why didn't he use it on the character he plays the most? Why be an idiot and use it on a mule?
Nov 30 2012
Chubsin Level 170 Khaini Night Lord
@ilikefoodand: I never said he used it on a mule. There's no harm in expecting something that Nexon gave in KMS and logically would be given considering Nexon isn't exactly super stupid. People have more than one character that they play on, why be an idiot and pretend like they don't?
Please stop hating on others just because you coincidentally happened to be home that day and got it on the character you cared about.
Nov 30 2012
domcarle Level 200 Bera Buccaneer
tempest shop
Nov 30 2012
ilikefoodand Level 200 Bera Buccaneer
@Ace987: Well isn't that your fault?
If you don't participate, don't whine.
Nov 30 2012
MyCookyGoMoo Level 201 Scania Night Lord
And what about the people who still need some of a stat to equip things? Like if the scroll only helped cut down from say 100 to 50.
The scroll only lasted 7 days, so they all expired last Saturday. It's not exactly a feasible solution.
Nov 30 2012
Capricious Level 82 Windia White Knight

Wow. People are greedy.[/quote]

Let's just settle down now.

I think Nexon [i]should[/i] hand out AP reset scrolls to everyone, since secondary stat removal is a pretty big change for the majority of the player-base. I don't understand why they didn't just reset everyone's AP along with their SP. Probably a marketing strategy.

The only character I want an AP reset for is my Marksman, and his AP build isn't even that bad, just 10 AP in STR.
Nov 30 2012
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