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Post tempest demon slayer guide

MapleStory Forums : Demon Slayer : Talk about the Demon Slayer Class

Nov 30 12
Bera Blade Recruit
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Nov 30 12
Bera Blade Recruit
Thanks for the help ^

Anyone who is also looking and can't find any help here is one
Nov 30 12
Khaini Blade Master
MapleStory Screen: Mw30 from free mastery book event
Nov 30 12
Bera Paladin
im updating the guide as fast as i can patch, blame my slow internet D:<
MapleStory Video: Zero training at tp
Nov 30 12
Mardia Dragon Knight
I would agree with Aesonia, except for the Soul Eater part. Soul Eater's important in grabbing monsters, and deals significant damage.
So, what about the 4th job SP?
Nov 30 12
Mardia Evan 10th Growth
Well Whats wrong with just using the guide thats up there? Just look ahead at what to max and things should be fine. I mean that's what I did.
Nov 30 12
Bera Paladin
the current guide has been updated, if there are any errors please post/pm me and i will change/fix it. Thanks. BTW I KNOW the training section is still the same, i just didnt feel like changing it F3
MapleStory Video: Zero training at tp
Nov 30 12
Broa Spearman
lvl 119 This is what I have
1 Demon Trash
0 Infernal Concussion
10 Demon Impact
1 Demon Cry
1 Binding Darkness
10 Dark Metamorphosis
0 Boundless Rage
0 Leech Aura
9 Maple Warrior
10 Barricade Mastery
1 Obsidian Skin
Dec 01 12
Yellonde Mechanic 4
For 4th job, add demon trash, of course, 1 demon impact, 1 demon cry, 1 barricad and max barricad mastery as fast as you can, the books are cheap now anyway, then dark meta, demon impact.
At this point, you should adapt to whatever book you pass/find,
Im 156 and i have 10 obsidian skin, 20 demon cry, 10 binding darkness (cant find books...) max leech aura and boundles rage and 9 MW
MapleStory Screen: The flying bellflower!

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