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Nov 30 12
Bera Wild Hunter 4
So guys today I found a emerald glass while killing robos for the mesoranger quest then suddenly a robo dropped a emerald glass it says bring it to the emerald glass to see the secret items within the question is where do I find the Emerald Mirror?
Nov 30 12
Bera Dark Knight
Cash shop.
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Nov 30 12
Khaini Beginner
Get a grammar book first..
Nov 30 12
Mardia Blade Master
I found one too, I think it's like the Hero's Key, Peanut, Ice Cube, etc which requires a NX item to open/crack/melt/etc.
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Nov 30 12
Bera Wild Hunter 4
oh thanks guys
Nov 30 12
Bera Bishop
lol, i wanted too ask the same question, and the expected disapointing answer
Nov 30 12
Bera Evan 2nd Growth
Is teapot/mirror/etc even worth it for it's items?
Dec 01 12
Scania Luminous 4
That would explain a lot. Nexon only makes items drop a lot when they're cash-shop related.
But I looked through the Cash Shop via Search, and I couldn't find the name of the item.
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