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DoesNotMatter Level 156 Broa Shade 4
Just a quick question before i begin the questline... Does the Gigatoad's EXP compensate for its gargantuan amount of HP?
Posted: November 2012 Permalink
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jbell93 Level 211 Scania Kaiser 4
hmm not really sure. I do know that gigatoad quests are kinda glitchy at the moment. It's still possible to get into gigatoad and kill, but he no longer drops power elixirs either.
Nov 30 2012
New Screen: Timesplitter 2h axe - ATK 192
copox123 Level 217 Broa Bishop
You get 3mil exp for completing the codex.
Nov 30 2012
4kush20 Level 174 Scania Bishop
They nerfed it with tempest I think. I 2 hit each form now (used to take like 10 hits each form before tempest) and the exp went from 80k -> 28k (after tempest). Also, he doesn't drop power elixirs anymore -.-[/quote]
No more elixers? Are you kidding me BOOOOOOOOO
Nov 30 2012
New Screen: Lol lag much?

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