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Post Tempest build for shadowers?

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i havent seen any trust me I've been looking
Dec 01 2012
Exumaii Level 161 Elnido Wind Archer 4
Shadower Guide for Post-Tempest:
1. Look at existing guide.
2. Max skills in the exact same order/priority.
Dec 01 2012
Dsfan33224 Level 151 Renegades Phantom 4
Dec 01 2012
vengfulboi Level 137 Windia Mercedes 4
It's simple. Just do what you did with the build pre-Tempest but just include the extra 4 sp at each job advance and the new advancement levels.

So for 1st job you get a total of 64 SP max everything except double stab or lucky seven (whichever you prefer).
For 2nd job you get 94 SP. Max everything except savage blow leave it at 14.
For 3rd job you get 124 SP. Max everything except dark flare leave it at 14 also.
Dec 01 2012
iDivideZer0 Level 204 Scania Shadower
You know, the current [url=]Shadower guide in the Shad forum[/url] has had a Post Tempest SP guide for more than a few months already. It's at the very bottom.
Dec 01 2012

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