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Dec 02 12
KradiaGMS Zero Transcendent
I made a WH recently, but I don't know what skill I should max, it is lv85 ATM, help plz?
The guides are all out-dated
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Dec 02 12
Khaini Night Lord
1st job, max everything. 2nd job, max everything but leave mines at 4. 3rd job, max everything except enduring fire and dash'n'slash or trap. 0 in fire and 14 in dash'n'slash/trap.
MapleStory Screen: @grendel thanks
Dec 02 12
Scania Shade 4
You can follow this Guide. It's updated to the Rise Against patch.
Dec 02 12
ElNido Wild Hunter 4
2nd job, max everything except irm
3rd job, max everything except enduring fire, leave trap at 9
MapleStory Video: Pap run Pre-BigBang

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