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Post-tempest skill build?

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wanted123456 Level 201 Kradia Hero
I made a WH recently, but I don't know what skill I should max, it is lv85 ATM, help plz?
The guides are all out-dated
Posted: December 2012 Permalink


Chubsin Level 170 Khaini Night Lord
1st job, max everything. 2nd job, max everything but leave mines at 4. 3rd job, max everything except enduring fire and dash'n'slash or trap. 0 in fire and 14 in dash'n'slash/trap.
Dec 02 2012
DColdhearts Level 150 Scania Shade 4
You can follow [url=]this Guide[/url]. It's updated to the Rise Against patch.
Dec 02 2012
sacklaca123 Level 200 Elnido Wild Hunter 4
2nd job, max everything except irm
3rd job, max everything except enduring fire, leave trap at 9
Dec 02 2012

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