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The best of tempest shop

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I think most people are going for this stuff haha.


For the rest a lot of level 100 equipment, tempest equipment, maple armor, a lot of recipes and more good stuff haha!
Tempest is gonna be awesome

EDIT: Pottable ring + shoulder here: Click
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Freebird Level 195 Windia Blade Recruit
Off topic: Does anyone know when the meso ranger event ends?
Dec 03 2012
bomberb0i2 Level 210 Scania Bow Master
lol GL getting all those items guys they cost like 100 coins each and the Op armors like 250 coins ech
Dec 03 2012
Freebird Level 195 Windia Blade Recruit
Oh okay, there isn't any limit to how many times a day i can do it right?
Dec 03 2012


i dont really know, there is going to be a ice box event, if you open you have a change on getting tempest coins, and with some hot time you get some/one, and you get everyday some/one. And maybe there are some events, i dont play KMS
Dec 03 2012
Dat ring and dose miraculous chaos scroll of goodness.
Dec 03 2012
Relog and it will work[/quote]

Wrong thread man
Dec 03 2012
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