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The best of tempest shop

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I think most people are going for this stuff haha.


For the rest a lot of level 100 equipment, tempest equipment, maple armor, a lot of recipes and more good stuff haha!
Tempest is gonna be awesome

EDIT: Pottable ring + shoulder here: Click
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Freebird Level 195 Windia Blade Recruit
Off topic: Does anyone know when the meso ranger event ends?
Dec 03 2012
Freebird Level 195 Windia Blade Recruit
Oh okay, there isn't any limit to how many times a day i can do it right?
Dec 03 2012


i dont really know, there is going to be a ice box event, if you open you have a change on getting tempest coins, and with some hot time you get some/one, and you get everyday some/one. And maybe there are some events, i dont play KMS
Dec 03 2012
Dat ring and dose miraculous chaos scroll of goodness.
Dec 03 2012
Relog and it will work[/quote]

Wrong thread man
Dec 03 2012
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