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Luminous doesnt get Mushking quest?

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Dec 05 12
Khaini Battle Mage 4
Please tell me I'm an idiot and there's something I'm not doing, because I have no idea how to get from 30-45 without it.
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Dec 05 12
Windia Battle Mage 3
CDs. Done.
Dec 05 12
Broa Phantom 4
I spoke to the job advance guy after advancing and he sent me there. Something about an Augury.
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Dec 05 12
Zenith Marauder
Lumi dont get the Mushroom kingdom questline, instead they have to get a crystal from the boss.
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Dec 05 12
Bera Kaiser 4
Luminous can get the questline for Mushroom Kingdom, but you'll have to start the Augury quests to get it. Did you skip the other quests before it?
Dec 05 12
Renegades Shade 4
Um, Luminous do get the Mushroom Kingdom questline.
I just spend like an hour doing it, so I'd know.
You get sent there when accepting the Augury quest from the guy in Aurora.
You kill one of the Yetis and it drops the Augury for the quest, but you can still do the rest of the quests.

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