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Finding the second Augury

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Anyone else not able to find the spirit of rock when you go into the room at kerning square?

I keep checking channels and sometimes i randomly get kicked out the room right after going in.
When i reach the map where the boss is suppose to spawn he doesn't spawn at all. (maybe i'm just impatient. idk.)
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Kusariku Level 113 Khaini Phantom 4
He's there 100% of the time for me if I go in without being in a party, while if I go in the minidungeon area thing while in a party, he's never there. So try that.
Dec 06 2012
Okay i figured that was it T-T I've been in a party all by myself since i was at mush-castle.

Thanks a lot
Dec 06 2012
That might be what I'm doing wrong too...
Dec 06 2012
Kusariku Level 113 Khaini Phantom 4
It seems to be what a lot of people are doing wrong; I saw posts saying that it hadn't been working for a while and I've been able to easily do it for over a year now...
Dec 06 2012
YAY! I've been havin problems with this too this worked tankies tons!
Dec 08 2012

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